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Guide to choose the right vendor for digital transformation in 2022

by Sun Technologies 6 months ago in how to
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Organizations face challenges in choosing a suitable IT vendor in the growing digital world for their digital transformation process. This blog can help you choose the right IT vendor to help your organization in defining the goal for digital transformation, implementing a customized strategy, and also providing support for further upgrades and knowledge transfer.

Guide to choose a right digital transformation vendor

As we all are growing in digital life, organizations invest a lot of time and money in digitizing their systems. Unfortunately, this has left no choice for organizations to work on innovative technologies managed by multiple technology vendors.

Moving the organization's legacy systems to the cloud is not the full-fledged digital transformation process. Still, it's a long-term goal aligned to the business and capable of delivering innovative solutions with trending technologies. The right partner can benefit the organizations with consulting, defining the goals and implementing a suitable strategy for your digital transformation journey. However, it is challenging to find the right digital transformation vendor in the technology-driven competitive world.

Top challenges in finding the right digital transformation vendor

-Organizations can find difficulties during their digital transformation process as it is an ongoing process and it requires many elements and better understanding, including the business model and changing market trends

- Lack of in-house expertise about trending technologies

- Organization‘s business leaders focus more on their internal operations comparing more innovation

- Lack of understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the IT vendor according to their IT operations and priorities

These days there are many IT vendors out there in the market, who offer innovative digital transformation solutions for enterprises. Below is the guide to help you choose the right vendor for your digital transformation journey

Setting up the requirements and conducting market research

Organizations should first understand the digital transformation process as it is a long-term goal for making business functions easy with changing technology trends. All through business, leaders will have a clear understanding of the organization's vision and mission, but they have to list the requirements for digitization of their systems according to business functions keeping the future in mind.

Once the business leaders are clear with the requirements, they have to conduct market research for IT vendors and shortlist them according to their expertise with the organization's industry vertical. This step helps the organization find out the right IT services vendor with expertise in long-term digital transformation for a similar industry vertical. Also help in reducing the communication gap between enterprise leaders and digital transformation vendor by allowing them to speak in the tone of their business operations.

Checking in-house capabilities

Organizations should identify the internal strengths of the in-house resources with expertise in IT services and solutions. Post identification, the organization can connect such in-house resources with the external vendors to enhance the communication between the vendor and the business leaders. Also, the vendor should train these resources with advanced features and emerging technologies to make strong technological support internally and externally for the organization.

Evaluating with demo and success stories

Digital transformation is a long and expensive process with a lot of challenges involved. From the growing technology world, only a few IT vendors have successfully transformed their client systems into digital according to the requirements of the business. Therefore, organizations have to evaluate the vendor with the case studies for past projects and demo the strategies they use for the similar industry vertical organization that operates.

Read blog to know about Sun Technologies’ strategies used for the Successful growth of digital transformation.

Vendor expertise and capabilities with emerging technologies

The world with technology is evolving rapidly. A capable IT vendor should handle both legacy IT systems and modern IT systems. Organizations should evaluate the IT vendor with expertise in emerging technologies and hands-on experience in using trending tools that helps to drive robust digital transformation by saving cost.

Also, the IT vendor should analyze the performance of implemented digitized systems and upgrade the necessary components according to the changing business requirements.

Read blog on Sun Technologies’ legacy application modernization solution to know ways to covert legacy systems and modernize customer experiences.

Further support and availability

Technology-related projects mostly fail due to the lack of communication and real-time support between enterprise and IT vendors. Organizations need to choose a vendor who can communicate at every stage of the digital transformation process. A reliable IT services vendor should provide real-time support and be available in the future for any technical assistance required while integrating new components into your digital transformed systems.


A right IT vendor should help organization in define the goal for digital transformation, implement a customized strategy and also provide support for further upgrades and knowledge transfer. Such an IT vendor can help organization in growing more business with customer satisfaction, which is directly proportional to increased ROI.

We at Sun Technologies follow the 4Ps methodology that consists of people, process, portfolio, and platform to implement customized business solutions with trending technologies. We help organizations define their digital transformation requirements and offer custom solutions with innovative strategies. We have expertise working with multiple industry verticals and successfully delivered 100+ digital transformation projects.

Contact us to know how we can help in your organization’s digital transformation journey.

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