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Essential Mobile Phone Accessories in 2020

by Syed Imran about a year ago in mobile
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Mobile Phone Accessories

Today, mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives; one could not live without it. As the technology is in continuously evolving phase, the phones are getting slimmer and smarter with tons of new features adding day by day. In older days, when mobile phone’s sole purpose was to send and receive calls and SMS, only charger (and occasionally hands free) was commonly used as its basic accessory. Whereas now, there is a plethora of gadgets and accessories out there, with loads of functionality enhancements to take maximum advantage of smart phone. Anyone who is looking to buy mobile phone accessories will get confused on which accessory or gadget to buy and what is essential for him/her keeping an eye on the budget range. However, everyone has different needs for choosing mobile phone accessories according to their lifestyle, like the mobile model they use, the work they do, whether they want it to ease their life or just buying to look cool, it’s up to them. For the convenience of our readers, we have listed some of the essential and mostly used generic mobile phone accessories to decide themselves, which one or more are necessary for them.

Cases & Covers

First things first, when buying any smartphone, you need some protection as incidents do happen. Luckily mobile protectors, covers, cases and skins are there to protect your device from dust, scratches, filling and many other things that could damage the phone. Mobile skins (which covers mobile’s exterior) are thin layers in different designs and material doesn’t protect from falling but do save your mobile from scratches and dust particles. Whereas mobile cases also comes in various designs and materials, and do protects from drop damage, while mobile cover generally comes in leather material and covers the mobile’s back as well as the front.

Screen Protectors

Screen Protectors come in different types, such as PET and TPU plastic protector which provides basic scratch protection, whereas tempered glass and multi-layered screen protector provides durability as well as decent impact protection. Though latest smartphones comes with gorilla glass protection, which itself is scratch resistant and can withstand minor impacts without being damaged.

Mobile Phone Cable

Mobile Phone Cables also called USB cables are handy in a sense that it fulfills 2 main objectives; one is that they are mostly used for charging Smart phone, Tablet, Digital Cameras, Camcorders and even some new Laptops. But the main purpose of these cables is to quickly and seamlessly transfer data between devices. USB Cables come in different types and sizes with different standard, but all have almost the same purpose.

Chargers and Power Banks

One of the main problem with smartphones are their battery draining ability, as the bigger screen and powerful specs sucks the juice out of your battery very quickly. Although latest mobile and battery manufacturers are making bigger batteries which can last long and rapid chargers to charge the mobile within minutes. But there can be times when you are on a long drive and your battery is running out. Luckily there are many ways to charge your phone on the go like car or bike chargers which takes electricity directly from the vehicle’s battery. Power banks are yet another charging option which is a “must have” for traveling or any other emergency. Other ways of charging are growing through wireless chargers, Desktop Charger, Multiport USB Chargers etc.


As the mobile software and hardware including camera are getting advanced, the mobile phones have occupied the role of navigators, dashcams and TV sets in cars and bikes. This led to the arrival of Mobile phone holders, which are essential for any vehicle on which mobile is using as navigator. Desktop holders and table mounts are other types of holders which are also useful.


If you want to listen something but don’t want others to get bothered or want full concentration without any distraction then headphone is the answer. There are numerous kinds of headsets ranging from open/closed-back headphones, on/over/in-ear headphones, ear buds, Bluetooth headphones, noise-cancelling headphones, etc. with different shapes and functionalities to choose from.

Apart from the above mentioned accessories, there are other useful gadgets which add to the functionality of your mobile devices. People should buy accessories that are needed and are useful for them. They should first choose the accessories that are suitable for them, that are up to their comfort, that create ease for them and save their time and then they should select them, this way it’ll be more beneficial.


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