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Bitcoin. The Great Work Around.

by victoria patricolo 2 months ago in cryptocurrency

A theory on the mystery and evolution of crypto currency

Bitcoin. The Great Work Around.
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Before I started writing, I led a customer service team. We worked in a complicated, outdated reservation system. The goal was to provide resolution for our customers. So, you know what we did? We worked around the system. We created shortcuts to make it right for our customers. We added things here, and toggled things there. We made phone calls and negotiated out of expensive errors. The point is, our team did whatever it took to make sure our customers got what they paid for. We were successful and won awards for our accomplishments. I can’t help but think, on a much larger scale, this is what was going through the mind of Bitcoin’s creator. We need a work around. A better form of currency. A way to create an even playing field around the globe, without the interference of large banks and government regulation. It’s the great workaround.

It makes sense that the creator would be anonymous. No one person takes credit for its development. If they did, that may create speculation and corruption. Keeping it a mystery, lends to the theory, that we will all have a hand in its success or failure.

Bitcoin is the result of man’s natural instinct to take back control of his environment. Since cavemen discovered the benefits of using fire to keep warm in the cold, shed light in the dark, and make food taste better, we have naturally sought out ways to simplify our lives. Bitcoin is doing the same, it looks for ways to cut corners, resolve issues, and go straight the heart of the problem with our financial institutions.

Crypto currency has the potential to create financial gain for people all over the world. It may lead to wiping out poverty, and create opportunities for all who participate, from the grocery store owner in California, to a basket weaver in Nigeria. It could turn the world economy on its head. It all depends on us. Do we want to adopt this new form of currency? Did you know it only takes 23 days to change a habit? I’m not saying we’re going to change the way we do business in 23 days, but Bitcoin is looming just over the horizon. It’s gaining traction and quickly. More and more countries, are investigating the possibilities and benefits of using a crypto currency. Here, in the United States corporations are getting on board, and accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods and services, such as Paypal, and Tesla.

I’m still fuzzy on the details, but I understand the overall picture and reason for creating this alternate form of currency. Think about how difficult and vulnerable the banking system has become. Think about how complicated our tax system is. Have you read those tax forms? Think about how easy it is for someone to take what’s yours, just by knowing your social security number. Think about all the fees we pay to banking institutions and all the transactions we do on a daily basis. I can count on one hand the amount of times I pay with cash these days. I barely go to the bank anymore, and do most transactions with my debit or credit cards. Bitcoin will push us further towards a digital currency.

Mankind’s natural instinct to simplify life has once again reared its head. Or, who knows? Perhaps it's not that at all. For all we know, this mysterious person may not of been trying to create a new form of currency and purely stumbled onto something that has taken hold of the world economy. Like the caveman who accidentally discovered fire by picking up a branch that was struck by lightening. All I know, is that someone started crypto currency, and now it's here to stay. Like a roller coaster summitting the top of a hill, Bitcoin is picking up speed, and there's no sign of it stopping anytime soon. The question is. Are you ready to get on board the great workaround?

victoria patricolo
victoria patricolo
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victoria patricolo

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