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Best Free Online Compressors

by Delhi Magazines about a year ago in list
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Best Free Online Compressors

When you make a large video using your smartphone, it can be difficult to share with others. Sending a large video file can consume a lot of data and takes much time. Several online platforms don’t allow users to send a video larger than 50MB. Is there any solution that can help you overcome the problem? If your answer to the question is no, you have come to the right place. We have brought you the best online compressors. You don’t need to download and install these on your device. All you need to do is import your video into the online tools and let these work. Below are the best free online compressors worth having a look at.


Clipchamp is one of the best online compressors that anyone can access using the browser. You can import your video file and reduce its size. It is not just an online video compressor but helps in editing videos too. The goodness of the Clipchamp can be gauged by the fact that it does not affect the quality of a video while it compresses a video. One can export a video in MP4, AVI, and several other formats. It offers the sharing option so that it becomes easy for you to share videos on the social media site of your choice. Clipchamp is available in both free and paid versions. The watermark appears on a video in the free version. You can shell out a few bucks in order to get rid of the watermark and get access to additional features.


AConvert is a great online tool that helps you compress videos, photos, Word documents, and PDF files in just a few clicks. In order to compress a video, go to the video window, and import a video from your drive. You can select the format of your choice like AVI, MP4, etc. Change the video bitrate, frame rate, and adjust other settings if you want. It does not allow sharing features, unlike the tool mentioned above. Another downside is that the online compressor does not compress the videos that are larger than 200MB. What makes it stand out from other tools is that it lets you import videos directly from Google Drive and Dropbox also.


YouCompress makes it easy to compress the size of both audio and video files. The interface of the compressor tool looks not modern. All you need to do is import a file, and the rest will be taken care of by YouCompress. It does not take much time to compress video and offers superb results. The online compressor tool loses the battle when it comes to the sharing feature.


Zamzar is a brilliant tool that lets you change the format of a video, audio, and images and compress a file. Compressing a video with the help of Zamzar is a quick process. All you have to do is just upload a file to the online tool and wait for the process to complete properly. It supports MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP, and various other formats, which seems unbelievable! You can store the compressed files on cloud storage, but the feature is available only for premium users. The premium version costs $9.00 per month.

All the online compressors on the list are great. We have highlighted the features of each online tool to help you know which one may be perfect for you. It is likely that you will find one of these really useful.

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