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Benefits of Quality Assurance Process in the Digital Transformation Journey

by Sun Technologies 2 months ago in tech news
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Read the blog to know more about the quality assurance process's benefits in the organization's digital transformation journey.

Sun Technologies' Quality Assurance Services

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, organizations are rapidly transforming their traditional business practices with emerging digital technologies to stay ahead of the competition in the changing market trends. The existing digital platforms and technologies like web applications, cloud technology, social media, IoT, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and smart devices are key enablers for the transformation and determine how most customers engage with businesses in general. However, the quality of the application or service plays a key role in achieving the organization's highest business reputation, which brings the need for Quality Assurance (QA) to achieve successful digital transformation.

Let’s get to the basics by understanding what is the quality assurance process?

Quality assurance is also called “software quality assurance,” in other words. It falls under the IT services of software quality management and control operations, including software testing and software quality control processes. This process is essential for any organization to make sure no error or functional disability occurs in the software application or services with respect to the requirements provided from the customer end.

As digital transformation is a long-term journey that deals with emerging technologies, the whole quality assurance process is performed in four individual phases elaborated below.

Plan - At this phase, the organization needs to plan and measure the necessary steps with the requirements provided by the customer to keep the application or services standard in high quality

Do – The Organization is involved in development of the application or service by building and performing the testing to ensure the development is as per the requirements gathered from the customer

Check – This phase is to observe and examine the implementation process of the application or service

Act – This is the phase where the organization needs to take necessary actions required to maintain the quality of the application or service as per the expected outcomes

A robust quality assurance process can achieve successful digitization in the long run with the benefits listed below.

Enhanced system performance

As digital transformation is a long-term process, the organization needs to keep its systems up to date and enhance its performance for better business continuity and to stay ahead of the competition. Implementing a quality assurance process within their system can help them achieve greater performance by pushing updates as per changing market trends.

Read the case study to know how Sun Technologies’ scriptless Test Automation tool improved a global Gaming App Performance by 68%.

Enhanced customer experience

It is common for organizations to miss some crucial issues in the application or services interface during the digital transformation journey. The organization's business leader can perform a thorough analysis to ensure the application or service is bug-free, well-aligned, and fully functional by implementing the quality assurance process. By that, the organization can benefit increase in customer experience.

Improved privacy and security

A small bug in the application or the services can cause a serious security breach, which will impact the organization's huge loss in customer loyalty. The whole quality assurance process revolved around monitoring, identifying, tracking and fixing the bugs in the transformation journey. This helps the organization spot the threads and fix them prior to improving privacy and the security of the application or service.

Improved documentation

Digital transformation is an ongoing and long-term process, and there is a complete 360-degree change in the way business operates. Every step of the process needs to be documented for further references and improvements, missing the documentation may lead to a huge business loss in the long term. Implementing quality assurance in the digital transformation journey can help the organization improve its documentation process and auto record all the steps while digitizing.

Organizations can further simplify and enhance the documentation process by adopting Sun Technologies’ homegrown scriptless test automation tool IntelliSWAUT.

Increased long term profits

Every customer will like to adopt reliable applications or services. As a quality assurance parallel process in the digitization journey, the organization can fix bugs during the testing phase, improve the quality, and make the application or service more reliable. This attracts more customers and drives more profits in the longer run.


Choosing the right IT vendor can help your organization achieve successful digital transformation. With over 25+ years of experience in quality assurance with emerging technologies can help organizations to achieve their goals seamlessly. Our quality assurance team specializes in creating automation Frameworks based on behavior-driven development and Test-Driven Development for a smooth test automation process. We deliver customized solutions with end-to-end support for your quality assurance process in your digital transformation journey.

Is your organization ready for digitization? If yes, what are your waiting for? Contact us today to know more about expertise in achieving successful digital transformation.

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