Become a Pro on Instagram

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Instagram has become one of the most used social media networks in the world.

Become a Pro on Instagram
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Instagram has become one of the most used social media networks in the world. With over one billion active users, the Instagram platform has become a competitive place, which makes getting exposed to a larger audience a bit challenging. This guide will show you a few tricks and hacks that will take your Instagramming to the next level!

1. Pick a theme/Niche

Picking a theme or niche will help you define the audience that is right for you. There are millions of accounts on Instagram, so pick something that you're very passionate about, and can easily create content for.

For example, on my personal account (@michcarra you guys can give me a follow if you like), I post content that relate to other entrepreneurs. The purpose to each post is to inspire others, and gain some insight into my life as an entrepreneur.

2. Stay consistent.

With millions of users on Instagram, staying consistent is a must. I try to post at least once a day. Your followers are expecting to see your content, so make sure you're consistently delivering what they want to see.

Every time you post is an opportunity to gain some exposure, and new followers. When I started my Instagram account, I saw that posting on a consistent basis helped me gain new followers, and it helped my engagement.

3. Use relevant hashtags.

With the new Instagram algorithm, hashtags have become a necessary tool to get your content seen. Make sure you are researching, and picking hashtags that relate to your content, and to your target audience. Don't forget, only 30 hashtags per post–I always use all 30.

4. Geotag your pictures.

Use the geotag feature. Tag places where you are, or where you expect your target audience to be. For example, when I post a picture of me when I am roaming my school campus, I tag the school of business that way when people are there, and search that particular geotag they can see my picture.

5. Post at peak times.

Knowing the best time to post will help you increase your engagement. I usually use my analytics to see the times my audience is most likely to be scrolling through Instagram. This helps you better understand your audience–so use those analytics wisely.

6. Post memorable and shareable content.

Post eye pleasing content that your audience would be exited to see, and share with others. Nobody is going to screenshot your posts, and share it with others if they are not eye pleasing, or engaging at least.

7. Tag larger accounts.

If I take a picture of me enjoying a nice coffee at Starbucks, I may tag them along with other big entrepreneur accounts as well. Who knows, if I'm lucky they will either like, or repost my content!

8. Socialize with people in your niche and audience.

Social media is called "SOCIAL" media for a reason. Interact with your followers–it will make them feel special, and perhaps encourage them to keep coming back, and interacting with your content. Don't forget about your colleagues in your niche too!

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Michael Carrasco
Michael Carrasco
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