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Babysitting & Nanny finder mobile app- Working, Market, Features & Costing

by Murtza Abbas about a month ago in apps
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Looking to develop Babysitting & Nanny finder mobile app? This guide will describe the Working, Market, Features & Costing for the same.

In the digital and industrial age, people are busy. Man and Woman both are independent on their own and work a 9-5 job to successfully run their houses. In the run of earning money, parenting has become a complex task because of the shortage of time parents face. For busy parents, babysitting is one of the important elements that they require on a daily basis and for a long time until the kids are grown up. And, with the involvement of mobile apps, On-demand services are attracting entrepreneurs, and they are continuously exploring the cost and features of developing a babysitting and Nanny finder mobile app.

How does the app work?

The babysitting and Nanny finder mobile app will work like any other on-demand app. Let us find out how it works?

  • The app will be available to download from the app stores such as the Google play store or Apple app store, depending upon your selected operating system.
  • Once downloaded, the app will showcase the profiles of a number of babysitters and nannies to the parents.
  • Parents can send a request to the profile that suits their requirements and wait for the connection to be accepted by the babysitter.
  • Once accepted, the babysitter and parents can set up a job or contract within the app.
  • Finally, after availing of the service of the babysitter, parents can finally drop their reviews on the profiles of the babysitters.
  • The above pointers explains how the babysitter mobile app works which is nearly the same as any other on-demand service provider apps.

    Stats involved in the Babysitting & Nanny services

    Before heading to the main part of the article, the features, and the cost, let us take a look over the stats revealing the market for Babysitting & Nanny finder mobile apps.

  • Parents in the United States pay $17.73 every hour to babysit and take care of their children, published in 2020 studies. And the same increases to $20 plus when there are two kids. (Source)
  • Studies noted that nearly 80% of the parents think that paying for the babysitting is one of their huge expenses from their salaries.
  • 69% of the parents face issues in finding a good babysitter who can take care of their children without staying idle and passing the time.
  • It is visible that parents face difficulties finding the right babysitter. And, an app listing a number of babysitter profiles in front of them will make their work easier.

    Features & Cost of Babysitting & Nanny Finder mobile app

    Now that we have understood how the app works and explored some stats in the market providing the importance and growth of such apps, it is time to explore the features and cost.

    Features of Babysitting & Nanny finder App

    Push notifications: In 2022, every mobile app will focus on creating push notifications for their business. A push notification feature in the babysitter app is necessary to notify about the requests, messages, appointments, and much more.

    Navigation: Babysitters need to know the location of their parent's houses, which is why navigation is important.

    Call or chat: Parents and Babysitters need to communicate with each other, so a chat or calling feature is necessary.

    Payments: A digital wallet within the app is a great innovation to promote your app. Parents can directly pay from their in-app wallets to the babysitters.

    Digital Cam: Babysitters must upload their verification documents before joining the duty. An in-app digital cap to scan the hard copies is a great option.

    Cost of Development Babysitting & Nanny finder App

    Babysitting & Nanny finder mobile app development does not have any fixed cost. There is no MRP or rate charge for the development of mobile apps.

    However, one entrepreneur can make predictions for their app development process. The cost varies based on:

    • App development platform (iOS or Android)
    • The complexity of the demanded features in the app
    • Third party plugin integrations
    • The UI/UX design
    • App development company you choose since everyone has a different rate.

    Yet, you can expect 5000$ to 10,000$ for your mobile app development.

    Ending words

    Babysitting & Nany Finder Mobile app development is a great idea to start in 2022. Since 69% of the parents face issues finding the Babysitters, you can ease their problem by proposing your robust mobile app development solution.


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    Hailing from a technical background, Murtza Abbas has always been crunching words in his head and perform a role of Digital Marketer cum Feature Writer at RipenApps Technologies, a leading mobile app development company.

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