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Andersen Charity: a Fight for a Fairer World

by Andersen 2 months ago in future
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Andersen is a leading European software development company delivering state-of-the-art digital products for various industries. Business growth and market recognition are not the only priorities here. For this tech company, human life is an undeniable value.

On February 24, the lives of millions of Ukrainians were shattered. People lost their relatives, friends, and homes. Many had to abandon their cities and relocate to safer areas. The disaster provoked immense solidarity as numerous volunteers, organizations, and businesses in Ukraine and abroad started to help those who suffered the most.

Andersen’s management and employees are appalled by the ongoing war in Ukraine and the scale of this humanitarian catastrophe. The software developer has launched a charity campaign to help Ukrainian hospitals and clinics.

Andersen Charity

Andersen has already assisted Ukrainians in different ways. First, the company took care of its employees located in several offices across the country. Many of them needed immediate financial and legal assistance. The company covered all relocation costs and created additional vacancies for the employees’ family members. Second, it launched Andersen Charity aimed at helping Ukrainian medical institutions.

As a healthcare software provider, Andersen is aware of the necessity of modern equipment for any medical facility. In times of increased working load and influx of patients from affected areas, doctors must receive more people than ever before. They treat wounded soldiers, receive civilians suffering from chronic and acute diseases, and perform dozens of operations a day. It is evident that any material assistance is of great help right now.

Successful fundraiser

The first fundraiser within this campaign has already been successfully completed. Andersen has raised money for three UTAS bedside monitors controlling the vital signs of patients for Cherkasy Regional Oncology Center. The healthcare facility needs dozens of such devices to provide efficient care. By obtaining a few more, it increases its capacity helping the medical personnel to carry out their tasks more efficiently and improve patient care.

Andersen has also started campaigns to help the same clinic obtain surgical instruments, pharmacy refrigerators, and B. Braun Infusomats.

Ongoing fundraising campaigns

Andersen keeps a close eye on Ukrainian hospitals and clinics that own worn-out and obsolete equipment and need to replace it with new items. Currently, it seeks to provide Cherkasy City Maternity Hospital with a hearing screening system and a SonicAid monitoring system. When many people fall victims to the war, hope for a better future lies in the little Ukrainians who are born every day and demand care and protection, especially those with disabilities. Professionals are fighting for their lives as ardently as for those of adults who are fully aware of the hardships of war.

The maternity clinic that has been operating for half a century needs new costly equipment, and restocking is challenging under wartime conditions. This fundraising campaign will help children with hearing impairments from the Cherkasy region and other Ukrainian cities. The Hearing Screening System detects early signs of hearing loss and thus will help doctors find the right treatment for babies. Its total cost is ₴300,000. If you wish to contribute to this campaign, you can donate here.

The SonicAid monitoring system costs ₴700,000. It helps healthcare professionals continuously monitor the heartbeat of a newborn baby. Thus, they will not miss any critical situation when urgent help is needed and take timely actions.

In addition to these, equipment is needed for other clinics, for example, Cherkasy Regional Clinical Hospital for War Veterans.

Charity prospects and plans

“Healthy Future. Fairer World. SunCharity” – this slogan defines the company’s prospects and plans. The scope of Andersen’s charity activities is expanding. The company’s employees take part in charity events (such as IT-Charity Party in Georgia), donate money to fundraising campaigns, and help their Ukrainian colleagues to find new homes abroad. Andersen’s charity activities are supported by Uklon and Nova Poshta.

Andersen is planning to launch its own NFT tokens to raise money for healthcare facilities. The content of such tokens will be related to Ukrainian culture. Thus, by getting one, you are not only donating to those in need but obtaining a unique piece of art that will remind you of this beautiful country.

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