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Ancient Chinese Philosophers' Life Lessons Men Learn Too Late In Life

Ancient Chinese Philosophers' Timeless Wisdom: Life Lessons Men Discover When It's Almost Too Late

By HalintonePublished 6 months ago 12 min read

Ancient Chinese Philosophers' Life Lessons Men Learn Too Late In Life

Three things are irrevocable: time, words, and opportunities. Hence, it is crucial not to squander time, carefully select your words, and seize every opportunity. If someone speaks ill of you behind your back, it indicates your advancement beyond them. We are blessed with two lives, and the second commences when we acknowledge that we possess only one. The flaw of many individuals is their disregard for their own endeavors while tending to the affairs of others. Prior to embarking on a path of vengeance, remember to dig two graves.

there are one thousand lessons in defeat

but only one in Victory

if you are depressed you are living in

the past

if you are anxious you are living in the


if you are at peace you are living in

the present

the Journey of a thousand miles

begins with a single step

we take greater pains to persuade others

that we are happy and endeavoring to

think so ourselves

a healthy man wants a thousand things

a sick man only once won

work on clearing your thoughts if you do

not have bad thoughts there will be no

bad Deeds

the man who says he can and the man who

says he cannot

are both correct

learn as if you constantly feel you lack

your knowledge

and as if you are constantly afraid of

losing your knowledge

don't criticize your neighbor's roof for

a lot of snow

when your door is not clean

if you hate

then you have been defeated

it is more shameful to distrust our

friends than to be deceived by them

appear weak when you are strong

strong when you are weak

he who flatters a man is his enemy

he who tells him of his faults is his


to see what his right to not do it is

the worst cowardice

what the caterpillar calls the end

the rest of the world calls a butterfly

the person attempting to travel two

roads at once will get nowhere

he who is satisfied with his lot is rich

the noble person uses things

the lesser man is used by things

a leader leads by example

not by force

even the finest sword plunged into salt


will eventually rust

man's nature is evil

goodness is the result of conscious


in the midst of Chaos

there is also opportunity

to lead people

follow them

when anger Rises

think of the consequences

to know your enemy

you must become your enemy

if you are the smartest person in the


then you are in the wrong room

opportunities multiply as they are


get rid of the desire to have

the funniest people are the saddest ones

when I let go of what I am

I become what I might be

the man who moves a mountain

Begins by carrying away small stones

who wishes to fight must first count the


and weak wins over hard and strong

be extremely subtle even to the point of


be extremely mysterious even to the

point of soundlessness

thereby you can be the director of the

opponent's fate

true words are not pleasant

pleasant words are not true

what the Ancients called a clever


is one who not only wins

but excels in winning with ease

live for the praise of others and you

will become their prisoner

people in ancient times did not like to

talk much

they considered it the shame for

themselves not to keep up with their own


you have to believe in yourself


there is nothing softer and more

flexible than water

but try to resist it

was all the answers has not been asked

all the questions

if the mind is willing the flesh could

go on and on without many things

watch your thoughts they become your


watch your words they become your


watch your actions

they become your habits

watch your habits they become your


watch your character

it becomes your destiny

great results can be achieved with small


the wise man avoids all extremes

great is the man who has not lost his

childlike heart

we accept advice and drops but we

distribute it in buckets

Ponder and deliberate before you make a


when people know a lot it is difficult

to manage them

if what one has to say is not better

than silence

then one should keep silent

ultimate Excellence lies not in winning

every battle

but in defeating the enemy without ever


nature does not hurry yet everything is


what you do not want done to yourself

do not do to others

wheels of Justice grind slow but grind


man dies from birth

study the past if you would Define the


it is easy to love your friend

but sometimes the hardest lesson to


is to love your enemy

knowledge is the treasure and practice

is the key to it

you can overcome bad habits only today

not tomorrow

who knows doesn't say

who speaks doesn't know

you can't trust a man who has nothing to


choose a job you love and you will never

have to work a day in your life

plan for what is difficult while it is


do what is great while it is small

whoever talks a lot often fails

life is really simple

but we insist on making it complicated

if he sends reinforcements everywhere

it will be weak everywhere

life is a series of natural and

spontaneous changes

don't resist them

that only creates sorrow

let reality be reality

let things flow naturally forward in

whatever way they like

think of tomorrow

the past can't be mended

an enemy is a friend who knows too much

about you

victory over others gives strength

victory over oneself gives fearlessness

give a bowl of rice to a man and you

will feed him for a day

teach him to grow his own rice

and you will save his life

disorder came from order

fear came from Courage

weakness came from strength

do not seek otherwise you will lose

do not seek and you will find

it does not matter how slowly you go as

long as you do not stop

the skillful artist will not alter his

measures for the sake of a stupid


beware of sugar that is mixed with


Beware of the fly that sat on a dead


a man dies easily because he has too

much will to live

who does not know the evils of War

cannot appreciate its benefits

time is a created thing

to say I don't have time is like saying

I don't want to

a noble person blames himself and an

insignificant person blames others


just as water retains no constant shape

so in Warfare there are no constant


fill your bowl to the brim and it will


keep sharpening your knife

and it will be blunt

friends are the siblings God never gave


it is better to light one small candle

than to curse the darkness

every animal with blood in its veins and

horns on its head

will fight when it is attacked

the one who knows and pretends not to

know is on top

who without knowledge pretends to be


he is sick

tell me and I will forget

show me and I may remember

involve me and I will understand

care about what other people think and

you will always be their prisoner

getting something done is like digging a


you can dig a well 70 feet deep

but if you don't hit water it's just an

abandoned well

even a loss can turn into a profit or

profit can turn into a loss

the feeling of right or wrong is the

beginning of wisdom

there is no crime greater than having

too many desires

there is no disaster greater than not

being content

there is no Misfortune greater than

being covetous

attack the evil that is within yourself

rather than attacking the evil that is

in others

be attentive to your thoughts

they are the beginning of actions

to complain about an unpleasant thing is

to double the evil

to laugh at it is to destroy it

you can always rise above those who

offend you

by forgiving them

by three methods we may learn wisdom

first by reflection

which is noblest

second by imitation which is easiest

and third by experience

which is the bitterest

the truth is not always beautiful

nor are beautiful words the truth

people are distressed by their inability

to do it

the problem however is simply that they

don't do it

you are controlled by the one who makes

you angry

be content with what you have

rejoice in the way things are

when you realize there is nothing


the whole world belongs to you

roads were made for Journeys not


Never Say Never

because the days go by so fast and

nothing stays the same

your life is what your thoughts make it

we gain by losing

lose by gaining

no matter how busy you may think you are

you must find time for reading

or Surrender yourself to self-chosen


when I free myself from who I am

I become who I can be

Happiness is when you are understood

great Happiness is when you are loved

real Happiness is when you love

Temperance is the first step of virtue

which is the beginning of moral


sometimes we see a lot but do not notice

the main thing

the snow goose needs not bathed to make

itself White

neither need you do anything but be


the wise man is one who knows what he

does not know

respect yourself and others will respect


if you lack Faith then existence does

not believe in you

what is evil to one at one time

becomes good at another time to somebody


I have just three things to teach


patience compassion

these three are your greatest treasures

being deeply loved by someone gives you

strength while loving someone deeply

gives you courage

the way is near

but men seek it to far

it is in easy things but men seek for it

in difficult things

New Beginnings are disguised as painful


forget injuries never forget kindness

so the unwilling Soul sees what's hidden

and the ever wanting Soul sees only what

it wants

there is Beauty in everything

but not everyone can see it

the way of Truth is like a great Road

it is not difficult to know it

the evil is only that men will not seek


a man must not be without shame

for the shame of being without shame is

shamelessness indeed

be bent and you will stay straight

be empty and you will remain complete

be worn out and you will stay new

the man who chases two rabbits

catches neither

health is the greatest possession

contentment is the greatest treasure

confidence is the greatest friend

a trail through the mountains if used

becomes a path in a short time but

if unused

becomes blocked by grass in an equally

short time

it is easy to hate

and it is difficult to love

this is how the whole scheme of things

works all good things are difficult to

achieve and bad things are very easy to


the whole being knows without learning

sees without looking

and detains without doing

Learning Without thought is labor lost

thought without learning is perilous

try your best to be to others as you

would wish to be treated yourself

and you will find that this is the

shortest way to benevolence

success is as dangerous as failure

hope is as Hollow as fear

people of higher morality do not

consider themselves moral

therefore they have the highest morality

if you make a mistake and do not correct


this is called a mistake

a sage who wants to be above people puts

himself below them

wanting to be ahead of them he becomes


the one who offends you takes away your

negative energy and gives you his

positive energy

what is a good man but a bad man's


what is a bad man but a good man's job

learn as if you were not reaching your

goal and as though you were scared of

missing it

if you are alone for a long time

soon you will accept loneliness

you will never know your potential if

you are afraid to be alone

you cannot open a book without learning


along absence of sex turns a person into

a neurotic

by remaining true to yourself without

seeking to compare and compete

you will achieve Universal respect

if someone wants to offend you greatly

then it is even worse for him

a man with outward courage dares to die

a man with inner courage dares to live

our greatest glory is not and never


but in Rising every time we fall

a great man clings to the essential and

leaves the insignificant

he does everything in truth but

he will never rely on laws

worry not that no one knows you

seek to be worth knowing

if you aren't afraid of dying

there is nothing you can't achieve

the superior man is modest in his speech

but exceeds in his actions

whoever undertaking a business hurries

too quickly to achieve a result will do


he who carefully finishes his work

as he began will not fail

the man who asks a question is a fool

for a minute

the man who does not ask is a Fool For


the more you don't have sex

the less you want it

truth uttered before its time is always


when true virtue is lost good nature


when good nature is lost Justice appears

when Justice is lost decency appears

the rules of decency are only the

semblance of truth and the beginning of

all disorder

if there is no dull and determined

effort there will be no brilliant


to recognize your insignificance is


friendship is one mind in two bodies

he who knows the measure is satisfied

with his position

pride in excess bring to bring disaster

for man

sometimes you must yield in order to win

and sometimes maintaining a low Place

leads you to win

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