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Advice From JESUS On How To Live In The Last Days

Divine Guidance for Thriving in the Final Days: Jesus' Timeless Wisdom Unveiled

By HalintonePublished 7 months ago β€’ 7 min read

Advice From JESUS On How To Live In The Last Days

The Bible holds deep wisdom, filled with plentiful admonitions and guidelines, each carrying immense importance for our personal welfare. Among its chapters, Matthew 24 stands apart as it contains a wealth of instructions and warnings. In this passage, the Lord Jesus Christ imparts his personal advice to guide us through the trials of the final days. It is truly awe-inspiring to receive counsel directly from Jesus himself, equipping us to navigate the intricate complexities of the world we live in.

hence the title of this message is

straightforward yet profound advice from

Jesus on how to live in the last days

my sermon today will have four points

Point number one

don't be discouraged Matthew 24 6-8 and

ye shall hear the wars and rumors of

wars see that ye be not troubled for all

these things must come to pass

but the end is not yet

for Nations shall rise against nation

and Kingdom against Kingdom and there

shall be famines and pestilences and

earthquakes in diverse places all these

are the beginning of Sorrows

Jesus explicitly stated that all these

occurrences would be part of the last

days characterized by perilous times

it is crucial for you to Center your

focus on Jesus the author and Perfecter

of your faith undeniably these

circumstances will make life arduous

tempting you to surrender continuously

being bombarded with rumors of War

reports of death raising interest rates

inflation rumors of the future you may

feel an overwhelming sense of insecurity

and helplessness in the face of this

ever-changing world


Jesus instructs you not to succumb to

discouragement or be troubled

irrespective of what unfolds in this

world regardless of the actions of the

government and your country I implore


do not lose heart and do not live in

fear remember that God still Reigns upon

his throne

what are you worried about

what are you concerned about what is

discouraging you today what is troubling

your heart today

listen to the words of Jesus in John 14

because the disciples just like you had

a lot of reasons to be troubled and


just like you have reasons to be

troubled and discouraged

John 14 1-4 let not your heart be

troubled you believe in God believe also

in me in my father's house are many

mansions if it were not so I would have

told you

I go to prepare a place for you and if I

go and prepare a place for you I will

come again

and receive you unto myself that where I


there ye may be also

and whether I go ye know and the way you


Jesus called upon his followers to place

their unwavering trust in God and


this call is not a mere suggestion but a

radical invitation to a new way of

living it is an invitation to trust

Jesus just as we trust God the Father

it requires us to surrender our doubts

fears and uncertainties at the feet of

our savior this level of trust may seem


but it holds immeasurable Rewards

the promise that accompanies this call

to trust is profound Jesus assures us

that as we wholeheartedly place our

trust in him he will bring comfort and

peace to our troubled hearts he

understands the weight we carry the

trials we face and the storms that

threaten to engulf us yet

he stands as the anchor of our souls

offering refuge and Tranquility amidst

life turbulence

Jesus in His Infinite Wisdom knew that

the Troubles of this world would try to

weigh us down and steal our peace that

is why he lovingly spoke of the father's

house assuring us that there is a

glorious future Beyond this Earthly

Realm he did not wonder about the life

that awaits Us in heaven rather he spoke

of it with absolute certainty when we

fix our eyes on the promise of a future

reunion in the father's house it brings

Comfort to our troubled hearts

we are reminded that this world is not

our ultimate home we have an eternal

Dwelling Place prepared for us where we

will be United with our heavenly father

and our loved ones who have gone before

us and all the troubles and problems in

this world will stay in this world

Point number two

do not be deceived

whether you like it or not you live in

an age of great deception the God of

this world is a god of deception he is

the father of Lies deception is in his


Matthew 24 and 2 and Jesus answered and

said unto them take heed

that no man deceive you don't let anyone

deceive you every time I read this verse

the words take heed capture my attention

these words in fact mean to pay

attention or to look intently into

something in other words our lord Jesus

is urging us to pay close attention pay

close attention to what

to ensure that no one deceives us

I've said it once and I'll say it again

one of the worst and most dangerous

aspects of deception is that those who

are being deceived often don't realize

it and our lord Jesus is instructing us

to be alert and vigilant

making sure that no man or woman

deceives us

many individuals have drifted away from

the body of Christ because they allowed

themselves to be deceived they are now

entangled in the snare of the devil

having believed what someone told them

rather than what God has revealed to us

this aligns precisely with what the

Bible prophesies regarding the last days

do not be surprised when you witness

people following strange doctrines the

Bible foretold this would happen don't

be shocked or perplexed believe what the

Bible says many will depart from Faith

which is why you see churches openly

promoting adultery fornication and

sexual immorality

churches that openly discredit the Bible

itself don't be shocked or surprised

because the Bible has warned us about

these things

people will give heed to seducing

spirits and doctrines of devils as a

child of God it is crucial to protect

yourself because in most cases

those who are being deceived are unaware

of it

they genuinely believe they are doing

the right thing Jesus repeatedly warned

us about deception he said for many

shall come in my name saying I am Christ

and shall deceive many

what Jesus is telling us

is that in the last days people will


grandiose claims about who they are and

what they can do they will make

extravagant promises some will even

claim to be Jesus himself people will

assert that if you give a certain amount

of money you will be healed if you sow a

seed here you will secure your place in

heaven and unfortunately many people

will fall prey to these deceitful

schemes the number one way you can

protect yourself from deception is by

getting to know your Bible for yourself

familiarize yourself with the scriptures

that way when anyone deviates from what

the Bible teaches you can discern it you

can identify it

do not anchor yourself solely in the

church because

truth be told there are churches that

started well but over time

diluted the gospel

do not place your roots in a person

either because people change instead

anchor yourself in the unchanging word

of God

people can change churches can change

but do you know what never changes

the word of God

Point number three

do not be doubtful

Matthew 24

34-35 verily I say unto you

this generation shall not pass till all

these things are fulfilled Heaven and

Earth shall pass away

but my words shall not pass away

do you believe in his word

or are you doubting it

Jesus said he will go and prepare a

place for us in heaven

do you believe these words

or are you filled with doubt

the world will fade away and everything

in it will vanish but the word of the

Lord is eternal and will never go

unfulfilled all the prophecies and

Revelations about the last days are Not

Mere fictions or guesswork

they are events that will come to pass

even if they haven't occurred yet the

word of Christ remains unchanging until

the appointed time

hold fast to the word of God

it is magnificent

Flawless and reliable

do not allow doubt to undermine your


a perfect example of this is the concept

of the Rapture many Christians have

become increasingly doubtful about it

they have listened to those who claim

that people have been preaching about

the Rapture for decades

and it has not yet happened

I once had someone tell me that they

heard about the Rapture being preached

40 years ago and that it still hasn't


brothers and sisters we must remind

ourselves that God does not operate on

our timetable we need to Humble

ourselves and recognize that God's

timing is not bound by human constraints

the events of God's prophetic calendar

will unfold precisely

when the appointed time arrives

fact or fiction

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