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One of the Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the World is Erupting...

Unleashing Cataclysm: The Fiery Fury of Earth's Most Perilous Volcano

By HalintonePublished 7 months ago 7 min read

One of the Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the World is Erupting...

El Popo, one of the most perilous volcanoes globally, is currently experiencing an eruption, raising concerns about the possibility of a catastrophic event. Situated in close proximity to Mexico City, the volcano has already led to the closure of schools and caused disruptions at major airports in the area. The ongoing eruption has prompted evacuation drills and has resulted in significant issues such as ash-covered crops. Observing the situation from a broader perspective, there is a genuine fear that this volcano may unleash a devastating eruption at any moment. Let's delve into the alert levels and discuss the potential magnitude of this eruption. The current eruption is evident from the plume of ash, smoke, and mixed gases emanating from the volcano's crater. The eruption has also involved the ejection of rocks, which has been closely monitored. Consequently, evacuation drills are being conducted as a precautionary measure.evacuation evacuations yet yesterday and

the day before certain Villages towns

had uh church bells going signifying the

start of an evacuation drill those same

church bells will signify hopefully it

doesn't happen but will signify uh the

mass evacuation that may need to take

place if this thing does blow and again

this is the concern it's one of those

things checking all boxes volcanoes

aren't like short-term weather it's not

a guarantee when you're tracking a storm

or hurricane well hurricanes easier to

track I should say that's what I'm

trying to say there when you're dealing

with a volcano these things sometimes

take time but I mentioned when it checks

all boxes you see what's happening for

yourself I like to just show you the

facts exactly what's happening that's

what's happening the seismic activities

uh happening with it it's occurring so

with that that catastrophic eruption is

a possibility and that's why they're

going ahead with the drills and they're

also shutting down some locations not

many but let me get this 7.5 kilometers

or a 12 mile radius around El popo

that's not that big of an area that's

generally just the park just the volcano

itself so they didn't shut down a big

area but again they're going ahead with

the drills and they did up it they just

update it to a phase three yellow alert

and I'll dive into that but here's

Mexico and again the one of the big

issues Again One Life matters all lives

matter this however is in a very densely

populated area which is an issue for

getting people to safety if this thing

goes here's Mexico City and this again

is about 80 kilometers even less in

spots just to the southeast of Mexico

City this is uh kind of a terrible

situation that volcano has been there

it's kind of been on and off over the

years but again more so just over the

last few days and look at this map this

is Mexico so you see Mexico where you

see the darker shading that is the most

dense honestly part of Mexico that is

exactly where El popo is hence these

massive concerns so in the history of el

popo let me talk about that for a second

it has had plenty of eruptions

volcanologists scientists there's ways

we could take a look at uh prior

eruptions and that is important to know

what could happen with a volcano in the

future and that's why this one has the

potential of uh becoming a having a

plenum eruption those are the big time

eruptions hasn't had one uh in the last

Thousand Years these have been a long

time ago but again this thing has

clearly been waking up over the last few

decades those evacuation drills going

some schools have been closed now Mexico

City I mentioned 80 kilometers away

that's about 50 miles away 25 million

people in this kind of region the

smaller Villages and towns and of course

the highly populated area of Mexico City

about 25 million people are on alert for

this and we're in a phase three yellow

alert now what happens in Mexico they

break it down by a stoplight scenario a

stop just to try to make it as clear as

possible so their alert system is based

on a stoplight green we're good yellow

we've got some big problems and that's

what we have now and again High alarm

high alert if we're in red and we are

one step away from that so we're in

yellow right now but it's broken down

further Within These there are phases

the yellow has a phase one phase two and

now we are at phase three they did just

raise it to a phase three yellow so the

next one would be the red and that would

mean we've got a big eruption and people

need to get the heck out but again it's

not there at this point it is that

yellow alert but boy I'm thinking of the

folks there it is not easy not only with

so many people but the means of

different areas it is simply not as easy

as just getting the heck out so uh hence

I wanted to do this video just to help

create the awareness and let you know

what's going on out there now this this

is a strata volcano or a subduction zone

volcano what I typically like to call it

so you have this plate that kind of

ducks under another plate where this

happens there's tons of heat gases build

up there's a lot of melting so that's a

perfect spot to have a volcano and

that's what you have but in these

stratovolcanoes These are more of the

kind of classic cone-shaped volcanoes

that you see kids trying to make in

science projects these volcanoes can

have that plinian eruption that is

similar to what happened uh decades ago

back with Mount St Helens I like to use

this as an example that's a plenty of

eruption right there on top of it it's

it's hard to tell though even if if you

get a sense that this volcano May blow

it's hard to tell exactly what happens

when it does does it completely shoot

out the top or does a face of the

volcano a side of it actually give way

and that's important because that will

dictate of course the problems the

damage you know where all that Ash lava

the Rock the debris the slides the mud

where all of that stuff goes so again

it's a wait and see as far as that is

concerned but like Mount Saint Helens El

popo uh has the possibility of uh that

plinian eruption that is the most

explosive type of eruption period High

ash cloud massive massive flows and I

mentioned again those flows where they

go obviously they try to find kind of

valleys streams Rivers paths uh path of

least resistance but on the initial end

of it what side of the volcano does most

of that uh come down does a face of the

volcano kind of blow out now these uh

plinian eruptions can reach up to 30 000

feet or six miles on the sky that's nine

thousand meters or nine kilometers so

again it has impacts around the region

because that Ash gets up there and it

goes has even uh impacts on the overall

weather patterns not just regionally but

globally when you have a plenty an

eruption we've had eruptions that have

impacted the hurricane season so it's

crazy how it's tied together but the big

issue with these and what we're seeing

in El popo while it's starting to erupt

now what happens in this the magma is

sticky it is thick it is sticky it is

this High viscosity in this okay so

that's all building up in there and what

that does it's really sticky and Gloppy

that keeps the gases in there so then

you have the gases building up there's

no way for it to escape until it hits

that point where it all wants to blow

hence you get that plenty of eruption

let's hope that does not happen I'll be

watching this I'll keep you posted on

this but as of now again it is a level

three a phase three yellow alert on this

one step away from that highest alarm of

uh being a red uh a red alert with this

so I'm going to be watching El popo very

carefully my thoughts are with all those

in The Villages towns and around this

and throughout Mexico City we are

thinking of you thank you for sharing

the awareness about El popo with me and

being part of Earth QC and I hope you

have a good rest of your day

fact or fiction

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