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An overview on light-up signs for your business

light up signs for businesses

By crazy neonPublished 11 months ago 4 min read


Human brains are wired to get attracted to bright lighting like moths get attracted towards flames, making neon business lights a great marketing tool to promote your business. Businesses like restaurants, bars, tattoo shops, and retail shops can increase their profits by installing neon signs.

In this blog, we will look at the various types of light-up signs for businesses, the advantages of using them in advertising, and how to choose and build the proper light-up sign for your purposes. We will also offer innovative ideas for employing light-up signage to boost your company's brand and draw new customers.

Creative ways to use light-up business signs

1. Holidays and other important occasions can be advertised with illuminated signs. For Valentine's Day, a restaurant may use a light-up sign to advertise a special menu, and a business could use one to advertise a holiday deal.

2. Social media and interactive signage Customers can interact with your business through the use of light-up signs or QR codes that direct them to your company's social media profiles or special offers.

3. Light-up signs can be used to illuminate a building's exterior, making it stand out and attract more attention. Illuminated building facades and outdoor advertising. You may reach more people with these signs by placing them in public places as outdoor advertising.

4. Indoor wayfinding and signage systems use light-up signs to draw attention to certain sections of your business, highlight new offerings, or do both. It can also be used to navigate through larger facilities like shopping centers and airports.

Benefits of using light-up signs for your business

Businesses use light-up signage to promote their brand, products, and services in a dynamic and successful way. The following are some of the primary advantages of employing neon signs for business advertising:

1. Increased Visibility and Brand Recognition - As neon signs are bright and highly visible, especially at night, they are an excellent method to draw attention to a business and raise brand awareness.

2. Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting - Light-up signs are a cost-effective and long-lasting advertising alternative, with a cheap initial investment and an impressive lifespan.

3. Flexibility & customization - Neon name lights can be tailored to a company's exact demands and branding. It can be molded into a business name and logo. Businesses have a variety of alternatives for constructing a distinctive and eye-catching light-up sign, ranging from the type of lighting utilized to the size, shape, and style of the sign.

4. Attracts attention and customers - Light-up signs are an excellent method to grab attention for a business and leave a lasting impression.

Factors to consider before choosing light-up signs for your business

1. Consider your company's size and location: The size and location of your company will have a considerable impact on what kind of light-up sign you should purchase. If your business is on a busy street or in a shopping center, you may require a larger, more visible sign. If your shop is located in a residential area or on a quiet side street, a smaller sign would work.

2. Determine the type of message you want to convey: The kind of message you want to portray will also be important in selecting the correct neon sign for your company. Are you looking to promote a certain product or service, or do you want people to know about your company? Understanding the main objective of your sign will assist you in selecting the appropriate design and type of illumination.

3. Consider the colors and fonts that represent your brand: Your neon sign should be in line with your company identity, which means that the colors, fonts, and other design elements you choose should be carefully considered.

4. Consider the sign's durability and maintenance requirements: Your light-up sign will be exposed to the weather and may require routine maintenance to stay in good working order. Your sign may require regular cleaning, bulb replacements, or other maintenance duties depending on the type of lighting and design you select.


Businesses may effectively market and advertise their brand identity by using light-up signs. A well-designed light-up sign may help you reach your goals, whether you want to attract new clients or simply boost your visibility in your local community. You can choose a sign that effectively communicates your message while meeting your practical needs and budget by taking into account factors such as the size and location of your business, the type of message you want to convey, the colors and fonts that represent your brand, and the level of brightness and energy efficiency you desire.

If you are looking to buy light-up signs for business, you must check out CrazyNeon. They are one of the best neon sign manufacturers in the USA. You can either buy from their ready-made collection or customize your signs according to your requirements. You can also buy neon name lights at an affordable price. Visit their website to learn more about their light-up sign products.

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