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Aloe vera gel

Benefits and uses

By MF HarounPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
Aloe vera gel: Benefits and uses

Aloe vera gel: Benefits and uses
Find out what benefits aloe vera gel has and where it is used. Furthermore, we clarify how you can recognise the good quality of a product with aloe vera.The Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been known and appreciated as an effective medicinal plant for over 6000 years. As it belongs to the succulent family, it can store significant amounts of moisture and nutrients in its leaves in the form of aloe vera gel. The gel, as well as the aloe vera juice extracted from it, is used to treat skin irritations, sunburn, pimples and other skin conditions.

Table of content:

Benefits of aloe vera juice and gel
External benefits of aloe vera on the skin
Internal benefits of aloe vera in the body
Uses of aloe vera gel
Aloe vera gel as a mask
Peeling with aloe vera gel
Après-sun-care from aloe
Prevent shaving pimples with aloe vera gel
Is aloe vera gel good for the hair?
Is aloe vera gel good for the face?
What is the best aloe vera gel?
Quality characteristic for aloverose in aloe vera juice
Advantages of organically grown aloe vera
Processing by hand ensures good aloe vera quality
Perfect climate in Andalusia for the aloe vera
How can you recognise the quality of an aloe vera cosmetic product
Differences in the quality of aloe vera gels
Benefits of aloe vera juice and gel
The ingredients of the aloe vera plant have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral or antioxidant effect and support healing processes of the skin. Aloe vera juice and gel are particularly suitable for treating sensitive skin on the face, but also on the whole body. And even internally, aloe vera can unfold its active ingredients. That is why aloe has been used for years as a medicinal plant against

Insect bites
Dry skin
Redness on the face
Rosacea and much more
Aloe vera gel contains an extraordinary combination of active ingredients, which has a special effect due to the interaction of the individual substances. Scientists have been able to identify more than 200 ingredients [1] in the juice of aloe vera leaves:

Mono- and polysaccharides
Essential amino acids
Trace elements
Secondary plant substances and much more
Aloe vera unfolds its greatest effect in its natural, fresh form. This means that any impairment of this natural active ingredient complex also reduces the effect on the skin.

Santaverde therefore uses aloe vera in its purest form and replaces the usual water component in cosmetics with pure aloe vera juice from its own controlled organic cultivation. In addition, the juice of the aloe vera plants from Santaverde contains a minimum content of the molecule aloverose of 1,200 mg per litre: the higher the aloverose concentration, the higher the total content of powerful vital substances and the more intensive the effect on the skin.

External benefits of aloe vera on the skin
Aloe vera gel is considered an all-rounder for irritated skin, sunburn and minor abrasions or cuts. The juice of the aloe vera plant has an immediate cooling, regenerating, calming and soothing effect and provides the skin with nutrient-rich moisture.

Scientifically proven: A study [2] from 2006 proves that aloe vera helps even better with sunburn and burns than hydrocortisone. In addition, aloe vera gel supports the treatment of wounds, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.

The cosmetics industry also takes advantage of the repair effect of aloe vera and likes to use it in anti-aging products. The natural combination of active ingredients and the moisturising effect of aloe vera support the regeneration of the skin and ensure a smooth and healthy complexion.

Can you apply aloe vera directly to the skin?
Yes, you can apply aloe vera directly to the skin. The aloe vera gel, inside the leaves, is excellent for application to the skin, as the gel-like texture leaves a protective film on the skin. Especially skin wounds, sunburn or small cuts benefit from the use of aloe vera gel. You can also apply the aloe vera juice extracted from the gel directly to the skin. Whether it is the fresh leaf gel or the juice produced from it - you should pay attention to high quality.

Internal benefit of aloe vera in the body
Beauty comes from within, as we all know. This is especially true for the effect of aloe vera. Aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice can also be used for internal application. The body benefits most from drinking the pure and fresh aloe vera juice. The aloe vera fillets, which are peeled out of the aloe vera leaves, can also be consumed and develop their health-promoting properties. It is important that you wash the leaf fillets after peeling to remove the Aloin. The Aloin is the yellowish liquid, between the leaf peel and the leaf fillet. Aloin can have a laxative effect and is therefore not contained in aloe vera juices.

In addition, it is especially important to pay attention to good quality aloe vera products. Dietary supplement capsules or powders may contain untested or low-quality ingredients that may harm the body rather than help it.

Aloe vera effect in the gut
A high-quality aloe vera juice, like the one from Santaverde, is really good for the gut. Aloe vera juice has an internal anti-inflammatory and calming effect. The aloverose it contains also strengthens the good intestinal bacteria so that they work better. Aloe vera therefore has a probiotic effect in the gut.


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