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A Need A Hero

A lesbian love story, about a princess locked in a tower, and a charming knight, who comes to save her. Happy pride month.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
A Need A Hero
Photo by Cederic Vandenberghe on Unsplash

A lesbian love story, about a princess locked in a tower, and a charming knight, comes to save her. Happy pride month.

There weren't always dragons in the Valley. It use to be nice. There were flowers growing every which way, trees filled the lands, and children even played in the valleys, laughing and telling stories. But all this was now a distance blur from the past.

The kingdom was nicknamed “the valley” (because of its location). It was the home of all these lovely people, all of these beautiful landscapes. But all of these people relocated after a wizard had crushed the kingdom by putting a dragon in one of the tallest towers. The wizard wanted the princess's hand in marriage, but the king and queen didn't allow it. Since he was 302 years old and their daughter was only 3 years old at the time. So the wizard, instead of taking the rejection and moving on, locked the princess away in the tower.

She was cursed to stay up in 200 feet tower alone. Someone had to walk up every single one of those steps and then come rescue her. Which no one wanted to do, especially because there is a dragon.

And because this is a fantasy story, she had food up there and it was good for the next 15 years, who really cares if it is logical.

“What is stopping me from jumping out of this small window?” The princess asked herself. She had a tendency of talking to herself because she had nothing but books to keep her company. She couldn't walk well, nor could she speak well. Because she had taught herself all of these things. The fairytale books, the history books, and the book of her curse.

How the wizard wanted to marry her, and because he couldn't, he had locked him away. And a dragon guarded her tower. The dragon was locked away at the front entrance, so it was probably dead, but it was just good for the imagination.

“Fight the urges. Some magical knight will rescue you and then marry you and you will have 3 goat babies and live on a farm,” She said. She had interesting dreams for the future. She didn't know any better, it wasn’t her fault.

“You know this is a terrible idea?” A voice said.

“Yeah yeah, I want a raise. I don't have any action either. Just guarding the new castle is so boring. I want some adventure, some fun,” The knight said to her sister. She was asking for adventure, but death would come instead.

“Suit yourself. I am not explaining to mom why you don't come home one night,” She said and the knight just laughed. Couldn't ask for a better sister.

“Well, I am off. I want to die a hero, rather than die a slow painful death,” The knight said with the biggest grin. And just like that, she hugged her sister and waved goodbye. She was really walking to her death right now.

The knight got on her horse and had on her armor. She had a sword, she had her armor and she had some rations, just in case, it took a few days. She sighed and then she rode off towards where the old kingdom was.

She read the curses and the legends of this place. They say that an evil wizard had wiped out the whole kingdom and then put a dragon to kill anyone who tries to come back and get their loved ones. Another story said that the wizard wanted to marry an underaged princess but then reality caught up to him and he couldn't get married to her, and he cursed the princess and locked her away, a large dragon guarded the land and made sure that no one got in and no one got out.

Neither of them sounded real, but the knight believed the second one because it sounded cooler and she has always wanted to meet a princess.

“Well, here I am. Let's do this,” The knight said and she got off her horse and she made her way to the drawbridge that was leading to a giant castle that towered over everything. The knight gulped and she walked in.

The princess's hero was here and she would be saved.


About the Creator

Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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