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8 Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: Compare & Review 2022

Best web hosting site in 2022

By Muhiuddin AlamPublished 2 years ago 15 min read
8 Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: Compare & Review 2022
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Are you planning to switch to the 8 Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: Compare & Review 2022 when you are engaged in small business 2022? If there is such a plan to choose the best web hosting site, I have to say that this choice is very wise.

The independent best web hosting site is isolated from each other, and the webmaster can set the server according to his own needs without worrying about any problems.

In addition, another advantage of the independent best web hosting service for developers is that webmasters can access their own servers at any time without worrying about privacy leaks, and server resources are also guaranteed.

Also, Dedicated Servers do a great job of maintaining the stability of the website and predicting the performance of the website.

If you need to host a website with a lot of traffic, buying the best web hosting service for developers is your best way.

After all, the hosting package of the website has an important impact on the performance of the website.

In the process of writing this article, the evaluation methods involved include:

  • Evaluate the basic features in the basic package — list the main features that are included or missing;
  • Assess uptime and speed performance — both over 1 year;
  • Pricing structure — pricing details, renewals, additional costs, etc.;
  • Evaluate the quality of customer service — by contacting the customer service of these independent hosts, evaluate their responsiveness;

8 Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: Compare & Review 2022

Table of Content

1. Bluehost — Best value for money independent hosting

2. HostGator — the most reliable independent host

3. DreamHost — Dedicated Host with Unlimited Monthly Data Transfers

4. Liquid Web — Dedicated Hosting with the Best Add-on Packages

5. InterServer — the most economical independent host abroad

6. GoDaddy — Dedicated Hosting with Full Root Access

7. Hostwinds — Best Windows Dedicated Hosting

8. Media Temple — Best Dedicated Hosting for Businesses and Resellers

FAQ: Summary of Issues Related to Dedicated Hosting

  • What is Dedicated Hosting?
  • Who is suitable for dedicated hosting?
  • How to choose a dedicated host

Epilogue: Best Web Hosting Services for Developers

Want direct answers? For most people, Bluehost is the best web hosting service for developers.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the details of these dedicated hosts.

  • Bluehost — the best value for money independent hosting abroad;
  • HostGator — the most reliable independent host
  • DreamHost — Dedicated hosting with unlimited monthly data transfers;
  • Liquid Web — independent hosting with the best add-on packages;
  • InterServer — the most economical independent host;
  • GoDaddy — Dedicated hosting with full root access;
  • Hostwinds — Best Windows Dedicated Hosting;
  • Media Temple — Dedicated hosting best for businesses and resellers;

Read on to find out more about the best web hosting for developers in 2022.

1. Bluehost — Best value for money independent hosting


  • Free Cpanel
  • Data centers in the US, EU, and Asia
  • Load time is 243 ms
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • RAID 1 storage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Minimum disk space (500 GB hard drive)
  • Loans are limited (5 TB)
  • No DDoS protection
  • Customer support is not very reliable

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: Bluehost is a very reliable dedicated hosting provider, and this dedicated hosting is definitely worth the money. While their servers are not as powerful as other dedicated hosts, users have access to some great features for a relatively low price.

Bluehost’s data centers are almost all over the world, covering the United States, EU countries, and Asia. Their uptime performance is good, with an overall performance of 99.97% over the past 6 months, as only 1 hour of downtime is available. This performance is pretty solid, with an average loading speed of 243ms, which is also the fastest loading host in this article.

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: Bluehost only launched servers with Linux systems, but each package includes a free cPanel subscription service, and webmasters can customize and manage their own independent servers.

Bluehost’s cheapest package comes with 4 GB of RAM and a 2.3 GHz 4 -core CPU, which isn’t very powerful. Users also get 500 GB of hard drive space, which isn’t a huge amount since it doesn’t offer SSD service. And the bandwidth is also limited to 5 TB, but it is enough for small and medium-sized enterprises to build a website. Plus, the cheapest plan comes with 3 free dedicated IP addresses.

Key features include standard root privileges and SSH access, plus RAID 1 mirrored storage. In addition to the aforementioned free cPanel, users also get a free SSL certificate. However, all plans lack industry-standard DDoS protection.

  • Customer support

Every Bluehost package includes a 24/7 phone and chats service. However, according to the actual measurement of the testers, the customer service staff cannot be contacted by using the live chat function many times a day. Maybe it’s an issue with the live chat software, or maybe the user should try using the phone to contact customer service directly. However, the customer service staff was contacted on the second day of the actual test, and the customer service responded quickly, concisely, and directly to the problem.

In general, if Bluehost’s live chat function is more powerful, users can still get the answers they want quickly.

  • Pricing

Bluehost’s cheapest plan for dedicated hosting starts at $ 79.99 per month for 3 years. Although the basic package lacks some features, it is worth the money for the price. If you want to buy a dedicated server on a monthly basis, you need to pay twice the minimum price, starting at $149.99 per month.

However, Bluehost promises a full refund within 30 days, plus a free website domain name for the first year of hosting.

Finally, I recommend the Bluehost website building tutorial to everyone.

2. HostGator — the most reliable independent host


  • Awesome loading time (252ms)
  • Free cPanel and Plesk
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited database
  • RAID 1
  • auto-update
  • 24/7 monitoring


  • The database is located in the US only
  • The renewal fee is relatively high ($189/month)
  • Cannot use SSH function

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: HostGator is a very well-known web hosting company with a lot of useful features when it comes to dedicated servers. And their dedicated hosting is manageable and very competitive in price, but users need to be prepared to pay more later.

HostGator is a company that has set up data centers in the United States. The Dedicated Host has also been doing very well over the past six months, so it really is a very good web hosting provider. It has an average load speed of 252ms, its uptime is almost perfect at 99.99 %, and its downtime is only 5 minutes for the past 6 months.

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: HostGator has launched servers for Linux systems and Windows systems, and the control panels for both systems are free and available to users.

HostGator’s cheapest plan has 8 GB of RAM and the processor is a 2.1GHz 4 -core CPU. In addition, users can also have 1 TB of HDD disk space. Higher-level packages come with solid-state drives. Moreover, the bandwidth is unlimited, the bandwidth of each package is unlimited, and 3 independent IP addresses are also sent.

Key features of HostGator Dedicated Hosting include root privileges, DDoS protection, RAID storage, and an IP firewall. In addition, users have wireless database access rights. Because HostGator also launched a managed independent host, HostGator can implement 24/7 monitoring of the host, and can also achieve automatic updates.

  • Customer support

HostGator has a 24/7 phone and live chat service, but there are some issues with the customer support experience.

Many users contact customer service only the second time. In addition, customer service is quite helpful to the user’s initial questions, but there may be some problems with the follow-up questions.

Overall, HostGator’s customer support is not very reliable, but if users can reach them, their questions can be resolved. However, in today’s competitive web hosting world, this user experience is not what we want.

  • Pricing

HostGator Dedicated Hosting costs start at $ 89.98 per month for a 3 -year minimum subscription period. If you go for the lowest priced package, it’s still a good value, though the later renewal costs $189 per month.

However, HostGator also offers a monthly service, priced from $159.99 per month, which is a bit pricey. However, HostGator does not make a money-back guarantee. If the user is using his home server, he can try it out for a month at a high price and then switch to a long-term plan, which can reduce the cost.

3. DreamHost — Dedicated Host with Unlimited Monthly Data Transfers


  • The control panel can be developed in-house
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Local MySQL database server
  • RAID 1 storage
  • 24/7 monitoring


  • Below average loading speed (1240ms)
  • The data center is located in the US only
  • Customer service needs to be improved

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting companies, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Their dedicated hosting has a built-in control panel, great servers, and built-in server monitoring, which makes DreamHost very easy to use. In addition, DreamHost is also a fully manageable one. So if you’re looking for a dedicated server with less hassle, DreamHost is the way to go.

DreamHost’s data centers are located in the United States. In terms of server performance, DreamHost is not that great. Its average speed of 1240ms is sub-par compared to the other hosts in this article. It has a 99.86% uptime, with about 6 hours of downtime in the past half-year.

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: DreamHost’s hosting is a Linux dedicated host, but users can access its Linux server’s built-in panel.

DreamHost’s basic package includes 4 GB of RAM and a 4 -core CPU. However, users can also use a 1 TB hard drive with no bandwidth limitations. In addition, the minimum package also comes with 1 dedicated IP address.

The main features of DreamHost are root access and SSH permissions, in addition to DDoS protection, RAID1 storage, and 24/7 server monitoring. If users use a database, they also get a local MySQL database server, which is included with every plan.

  • Customer support

DreamHost provides 24/7 technical support for dedicated hosting plans. If we dig a little deeper, though, we know that its live chat feature is designed to work from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm PT, 7 days a week.

In addition, to live chat, users can also consult through the invoicing system or chat with bots.

Overall, DreamHost claims to offer 24/7 customer support, but its customer service experience is certainly not as good as SiteGround ‘s.

  • Pricing

DreamHost’s 1 -year plan for dedicated hosting starts at $ 149 /month, though if you want to pay monthly, it starts at $169/month. In addition, DreamHost supports the development of the control panel in-house, so if it comes to the control panel, you need to pay additional fees.

Since the base plan only has 4 GB of memory, users may also need to upgrade to the 8 GB plan, which starts at $189 per month for the 1-year plan. Compared to the basic package, this package is slightly more expensive, but has better performance and can be fully managed.

Plus, every plan comes with a guaranteed 100% uptime.

4. Liquid Web — Dedicated Hosting with the Best Add-on Packages


  • Awesome loading time (348ms)
  • Powerful server (16 GB RAM)
  • RAID 1
  • Data centers are located in the US and EU countries
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • 24/7 premium customer service (less than 1 minute)


  • cPanel requires an additional monthly fee
  • Limited bandwidth (5 TB)

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: Liquid Web introduces lightning-fast yet extremely reliable Dedicated Hosting with powerful multiple servers and a range of great features to keep your website performing at its best.

Liquid Web has data centers in both the US and EU countries, and users visiting these 2 regions can enjoy a stable network connection. In terms of host performance, its average loading speed is 348 milliseconds, and its uptime is 99.98%. It can be said that its stable performance is almost perfect. In the past six months, the downtime was only 39 minutes.

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: Liquid Web has hosted for Linux and Windows systems, but if you want to choose Windows as the standard host, you need to pay extra. In addition, webmasters can also use cPanel, Plesk, WHM, and Interworx control panels, where webmasters can purchase different licenses separately.

The main advantage of this dedicated console is — the webmaster can start with a 4 — core CPU with 16 GB RAM and 3.9GHz Hertz. The cheapest package has just 480 GB of hard drive space, though the default SSD makes up for the speed disadvantage.

In addition, webmasters can upgrade to larger disk space at any time. Moreover, even with the cheapest package, webmasters can use a dedicated IP. However, the data transmission bandwidth is limited to 5 TB, but even so, it can meet the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises.

Its main features are root privileges and SSH access, as well as real-time monitoring, standard DDoS protection and RAID 1 software, as well as a 1 TB single SATA HDD backup drive. Webmasters can also use the Cloudflare Backup extension to increase the speed of content transfer.

  • Customer support

Liquid Web offers 24-hour phone and chat services for every plan. Their first response is guaranteed to be within 59 seconds, so agents are guaranteed to respond quickly to customer questions.

Plus, all questions can be answered within minutes. In addition, the customer service staff are very familiar with their help documents, and they can also make accurate recommendations according to the needs of customers.

In general, Liquid Web’s customer service staff are very polite and can respond to users’ questions quickly and effectively, effectively alleviating customers’ anxiety.

  • Pricing

If you pay annually, the price is $ 169 per month; if you pay monthly, the price is $ 199. The lowest price is for managed or unmanaged packages. And, users also have to pay $38 per month for a cPanel license, so it doesn’t add up to a low monthly fee. However, cPanel is free if you choose to pay annually.

If you want to limit the purchase of an independent host in the EU, the cost is generally higher, starting at $249 per month, but its performance is a bit poor compared to the US package.

Every package is guaranteed 100% uptime. Liquid Web doesn’t have any money-back guarantee, though.

5. InterServer — the most economical independent host abroad


  • Affordable
  • Load time is relatively fast (542ms)
  • Can be easily customized
  • 24/7 server monitoring


  • cPanel costs extra
  • The data center is only available in the US
  • Default RAID 1 storage
  • There is room for improvement in customer service

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: InterServer comes with a lot of options that can be set freely, and the price is not high. Their service is reliable, and they perform well in terms of performance, but at a relatively affordable price.

InterServer ‘s data centers are only available in the United States. Performance-wise, the load time for this dedicated host has averaged around 542ms over the past 6 months. This loading speed is not the best at any time, but acceptable. This host has 99.91% uptime and a total downtime of 3 hours and 44 minutes in the past.

Best Web Hosting Services for Developers: InterServer has launched two different dedicated servers for the Linux system and Windows system, but Windows hosts need to pay additional fees later. Users can choose the operating system they want according to their needs. In addition, the control panel also costs extra, if you need to make a choice, you can choose between cPanel, WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin.

The cheapest option that InterServer can implement with custom settings includes 8 GB of RAM and a 4-core processor at 3.2 GHz. In terms of storage space, users can choose between a 2 TB hard drive or a 250 GB solid-state drive. The latter is generally faster, but the capacity is relatively small. In addition, webmasters can also get 5 independent IP addresses. However, its bandwidth is limited to 10 TB, which is more than enough for small and medium-sized businesses.

The most important features of InterServer are standard Root permissions and SSH usage permissions. It also has DDoS protection and 24/7 server uptime monitoring. But it doesn’t have RAID 1 storage unless you choose another disk, which costs extra.

  • Customer support

InterServer has launched 24/7 technical support. But if you buy a package without a control panel, they only support system installation and troubleshooting of hardware issues. If the control panel is included, they can also fix any other services that don’t work.

In our review, InterServer’s customer service team took a few minutes to answer customer questions. However, the quality of their customer service is excellent, answering several questions that customers once overlooked.

Overall, InterServer’s customer service team is very good, but there are areas for improvement. Because there is still a period of time before the customer asks for the problem to be solved.

  • Pricing

The cheapest plan for this dedicated hosting is $ 80 per month, but it doesn’t include the control panel. For example, using cPanel also costs an additional $34 per month. However, if the webmaster uses a command-line interface, dedicated hosting is still worth the money.

InterServer Dedicated Hosting has a 99.9% uptime, and statistically speaking, it does.

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