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5 Steps to Increase Your Website Security

by Chris Greenwalt 4 years ago in cybersecurity
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Best Tips That You Need to Follow

Here are five steps that you should use to increase your website security.

Step 1: Update, update, and update!

It is of the utmost importance to keep all software updated. You should update your site as a new plug-in or CMS version if available. All these updates can contain security enhancement or patch vulnerability. It is very beneficial to keep your website updated, as well as software. If you have a WordPress website, then you should install the WP Update Notifier. It informs you when a plug-in or WordPress core update is available. It is the most important and beneficial step that you should keep in mind in order to secure your website. If you want to know further details about information technology, then you can reach out to a dissertation writing service.

Step 2: Passwords

Having a secure website depends on your security posture. In order to clean up infected websites, you need to log into clients or servers. It is not shocking to know all the details about the website. Most people apply many methods to steal your website information. Therefore, it is a very beneficial step that you should follow in order to secure your website. There are many branches of passwords online. Many people get help from them to steal passwords. Hackers can combine with these companies in order to know all your details and sensible information. Here are some tips that you should follow to make a strong password:

  • Do not reuse your passwords: You should not reuse your password; in fact, it is more important to choose a unique password. It is a very beneficial step that you should follow in order to secure your website as well as other devices.
  • Have long passwords: It is also important that you should use long passwords. You should use 12 characters. The longer password will be beneficial for you in the future.
  • Use random passwords: If you have real words in your password, it is not random. If you can speak your password easily, it means it is not strong. Therefore, you should try to speak your password. You can use brilliant tools to create a strong password. These tools are helpful to generate a random password. A password manager can also help in making it possible to use a strong password(s) for your site.

Step 3: One Site = One Container

It is another important step that you can follow to secure your website. You should keep in mind that one site must have one container. You need to be aware that cross-site contamination is not new; in fact, it is out of fashion and very common. It has a much negative effect on your website. It seems ideal that many websites have a single server. If you have an unlimited web hosting plan, then you should get help from different servers. Today’s CMS application can be pilfered very easily. Most attackers use the default setting. It is of the utmost importance that you change the default CMS settings. You can adjust the new settings for your website that you use to setup file permissions to secure your website.

Step 4: Extension Selection

There are many extensions available for you. However, you should select the best extension for your website. There are plug-in and add-on extensions that give many functions for your website. However, it is the most important question which one extension is the best. Here are some tips that you should follow in order to select the best extension to use:

  • When the extension was last updated: If the last update was more than a year ago, you should not download it. You should have the latest extension for your website possible. It is the most important point that you should keep in mind while selecting a right extension for your website. If an extension is not supported by the author, then you should stop working on it.
  • The age of the extension and the number of installs: An extension that is developed by an author and has numerous installs is very good for your website. You cannot trust other new extensions.
  • Legitimate and trusted sources: You should download your plug-in extensions theme from a legitimate source(s). You can watch for free versions.

Step 5: Install SSL and server configuration files.

Here are some rules that you should follow in order to find the best web server. You should prevent from directory browsing.

  • Prevent images from hotlinking.
  • Protect sensitive files.
  • Set rules to keep secure your sensitive files.

SSL is the acronym for secure sockets. It is high standard security technology for websites. You should install SSL in order to improve your website security. SSL will solve many security issues in your website. SSL has the power to encrypt communication between Point A and Point B. The SSL security system is very crucial for your website to install. It is very beneficial for your website security. You should set passwords to open a file. File permission has three steps such as view the file contents, change the file contents, and run the program in a file. Some folders have same permission structure. Therefore, it is most important to change each file permission structure.


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