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11 Proven Ways to Brand Yourself on Instagram

by sophia Nike 2 years ago in social media

Brand Yourself on Instagram in Proven Ways

Do you have an Instagram account? Cool! What if I say that Instagram is more like a medium of fame than just a social account? Look at those lavish profiles of your favorite celebs with millions of fans. Instagram is a game of fame—the more you portray yourself and your lifestyle, the more followers you get.

Instagram has become more like a promotional platform than just a social medium. Have you ever paid attention to those product reviews on your Instagram feed? That’s how brands are promoting themselves and playing with the strategy of word-of-mouth. Apart from this, there are many ways with which brand are playing just to market their brands.

I know you all must be getting excited and thinking in what ways one should portray himself to get famous. Well, we can understand your excitement. After all, who doesn’t want to get famous? But, for this, you have to be smart. Oh no, not necessarily in looks, but in the game of branding. Because the way you portray your brand or yourself, says it all!

Apparently, in the world of advertising specifically on Instagram, there are 11 proven and tested ways with which anyone can brand itself on Instagram. Let’s start counting.

Your Biography is Your First Hooking Tool—Use It Wisely

While social platforms are the best and convenient way of introducing yourself to the world, on the same side it is the riskiest thing to go for. For you, it could be the words aligned in a row, but for your followers, it’s a representation of your personality. Always keep one thing in mind, your first impression lasts. If you think that your social accounts are just a medium of entertainment, then you are going on the wrong track.

Avoid Overrating Yourself—Stay Honest and Straight

Think again! In today’s world, people evaluate a brand owner equally, as they do brands. So, you must go to take each move wisely. Before updating any information on your profile or biography, ensure that it fits is in your personality and most importantly that it's true. One thing which you must consider while writing about yourself is avoid overrating yourself. You do not have to add singing or photography in your extra skills. The strategy is simple, portray what you are and execute yourself as you want your audience to perceive you. Simple!

Don’t Go Extraordinary with Your Username—Stay Simple!

This is the worst thing one can do with Instagram profile. What if someone found your username quite cheesy or no so interesting? This can break your image instead of making it. Things do not go as smoothly as you expect. Not everything is worth to put on creative edges. Try keeping things simple and understanding. There are many brands which are using quite a complex username and unfortunately, this sounds quite irritating to their customers. So, try to stay original and simple.

Engage All at Once—Break the Ice with the Contest

Pictures, boomerangs, and your videos will not be working every time. To break the ice, you need to bring other tactics into play. Announcing a contest is the best way to engage all followers at once. Bring all of your fans on one page with the contest technique. Ensure to keep something productive or interesting as a reward, which can attract both men and women.

Perform Two Roles with One Account—Professional and Personal

This is the best trick to play with! If you want to maximize your followers, then combine your professional and personal accounts. Just suppose you promote a business which offers services for women, would you expect the man to follow your business account? Of course not! This doesn’t mean you can’t persuade people from your fellow gender. You can do that easily. Do you know how? Inspire them with your personality. This is the only best way of maximizing your followers on Instagram and without combining your professional and personal accounts.

Go All Wide and Live—Have One-On-One Interaction with Followers

This may sound quite difficult to manage all of your followers at one time, but you know what? It’s fun! Going live and making one-on-one interactions is the best way to communicate with your audience and to blow their minds with your personality. By the way, possessing a remarkable personality doesn’t always demand good looks and luxuries. There are many other ways like the style of communicating or confronting the queries in the smartest way, etc.

Share Your Top Targeted Keywords

Ever seen those marks which are known as hashtags? Ever thought why people use it? To lead in search engines! Yes, the hashtags brands use are their keywords with which they grab the audience. What are your targeted keywords? Turn them into a hashtag now. Mind that apart from the website, keywords can be used on other platforms too. All you need is to pen down your all top-targeted keywords, make a proper association of them and start using them.

Make Strong visuals and Hashtags—Friend zone them

Don’t be confused, by suggesting an association of keyword and visuals we simply mean to give take the most possible benefits from your hashtags. Your followers admire your pictures? Great! It’s a perfect opportunity to turn in to a hidden path of attracting more audience. Also, Geotagging the restaurants, malls and other famous places can help you in maximizing your visibility. Just keep your posting and tagging game on the flame.

Persuade Followers to Click on Your Bio link—Add Call-to-Action

Even if you have set each goal on point, if your bio link is not being loud with your call-to-action then you have surely missed a charm. Just like water is a supporting yet must-have element for humans. Similarly, giving an impulsive verbal call in your bio link is equally important. Add in the link and assure to write a call-to-action which may persuade your audience to click on the link and pay a visit to it.

Use Stories to Create Updated Loops—Be an Inspiring Narrator

Do you want to update your friends with your daily life activities? If yes, then use the option of stories. In case you don’t know its worth, then let us clear the picture. How many times have you seen the stories just to know what the daily life activities of your celebs are? That’s exactly what you are supposed to do. Keep updating your followers by being an inspiring narrator for them.

Get Collaborative—Teamwork is Still the Best Option

If you think that your techniques are not working, then the option of collaborating with any famous profile is still left. Don’t hesitate to go for a collaboration technique. A little effort can elevate your position. So, just go beyond the boundaries and make a deal of temporary collaboration. Along with your profile, brand yourself through others' too.

We have penned down all of the tricks with which you can brand yourself on Instagram. Now, the only thing you need to do right now is to implement these tricks and check that your account is worth following the given tips or not. Once you are done with the implementation of these hacks, get ready to roll on the feeds of millions.

Sophia Nike is a content writer at Dissertation Boss. She writes content about social media marketing. She loves to engage and share thoughts to people who want to make an impact in their lives and workplace.

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