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10 Great Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Not User-Friendly

Let's be real. Windows 10 is not user-friendly, and never will be.

By Riley Raul ReesePublished 5 years ago 5 min read

I bought an $800 computer, brand new. It's now a brick, though I've only used it twice. How did this happen? Well, I have Windows 10 to thank for that. An update was automatically installed and bricked my computer. I will need to spend a huge amount of money in order to get my computer to be functional again.

This breaks my heart because I was once a devout Windows fan. I now am an Apple-only person, and will probably never own another PC again. Ever. My computer was bricked because Windows 10 is a horrible OS.

Windows 10 keeps calling itself user-friendly, but it's actually pretty terrible. Here's why Windows 10 is not user-friendly, regardless of what you want to use the computer for.

You can't shut off updates.

With every other operating system in the world, you get to call the shots when it comes to your updates. This way, if your computer can't handle an update, you can avoid it. Additionally, you can also time your own updates as you see fit.

With Windows 10, you don't get that luxury. The most you can do is time the updates that the stupid operating system FORCES YOU to take. If your computer can't handle it or you're in the middle of something, too bad.

They insist on having you register your own profile before you can get some help for your computer.

Let's say that something doesn't work well with Windows 10. Let's say that, for one reason or another, it doesn't do what it should. You might want to call up Microsoft to get some customer support.

To do this, they will require you to sign up for your own profile, use your own phone, and also provide details you might not have on deck. Oh, and if you want them to look at your computer, that's an additional $50, even though it might be their operating system that crashed it.

It's filled with bloatware.

If you are using your Windows for work, you definitely don't need all the stupid games. You also might not need all the "added experiences" that comes with them, such as unsolicited advertising and similar issues.

Yeah, I don't know about you, but I believe Windows 10 isn't user-friendly if it acts like you need to be forced to carry programs that you don't necessarily want. It's even less user-friendly when you realize you're also being forced to be an advertising audience.

The company's app marketplace is horrible.

Windows 10 is the first Microsoft operating system to have an app marketplace, and dear God, it sucks. It's a very ham-fisted attempt on Microsoft's end to try to force you into using an operating system a certain way.

Half of the time, downloading what you want to download won't work. Sometimes, you will have to go through roundabout methods just to get the program you want to have to work. It's the worst Microsoft product of all time, and it's absolutely exhausting to try and use.

Large swaths of Windows 10 isn't backwards-compatible.

Windows 10 isn't user-friendly if you're a retro gamer, and that's a proven fact. Since the Windows 10's coding no longer supports many old-school programs that were just a bit too modern for DOSBOX, you might find that a lot of your slightly more recent games may no longer work.

I really hope you're not a retro gamer. Otherwise, despite the fact that Microsoft launched a massive comeback by doing one simple thing, your computer is going to be a huge obstacle.

If your operating system doesn't update correctly, it'll brick your computer.

This is what happened with mine, and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. The fact that Windows 10 forced me to update my stupid computer was just salt in the wound.

When I get my computer fixed, if I get it fixed, it will be with a Windows 7 operating system.

Sometimes, the files you save just "go missing."

If you were just hoping to store some files on your Windows 10, you're also out of luck. There have been many users who have reported that files and programs that they had downloaded onto their computer would go "missing" after automatic updates.

Clearly, whatever is going on with Microsoft's Windows 10 isn't legit. I mean, what kind of operating system just deletes files that you could desperately need to keep? That's sketchy, no matter how you look at it.

Many files also get shuffled around, and you can't use the Finder bar the way you used to.

If you haven't guessed, Windows 10 is downright awful when it comes to being able to locate files on your computer's hard drive.

Folders get shuffled around, you have to work hard just to be able to navigate your folders in a traditional "Windows 7" type of way, and even the Finder bar won't show the old school address of your files the way it used to.

You can't shut off Cortana.

You know what I like about Siri? If I want to tell Siri to putz off somewhere, Siri stops talking. She, as well as all the other apps eating your phone's battery, also can be shut off, which could free up some space for things like gaming, surfing the net, or whatever else could be going on.

Cortana? Nope. Can't do that. Cortana always has to listen, and it's actually part of Microsoft's way to better target ads in your direction. Even if your computer's about to crash, you can't shut Cortana off. How nice, right?

It gives users less control, period.

You know why Windows 10 is not user-friendly? Because user-friendly operating systems actually give you what you want, and give you the control you need in order to make your computer run the way it should.

By definition, Microsoft turned against its own user base and created one of the most user-unfriendly operating systems in existence. So, why support a company that'd do this to you? Drop Windows—and choose any other OS instead!


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