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So you know, I am a Princess

Not Just an unreachable Dream

By Shelby Hagood Published 8 months ago 3 min read

Sleeping beauty is my favorite princess character that I abide by. Originally written by Giambattista Basile, this story has changed drastically over time from who the evil Maleficent really was to the reason why Sleeping Beauty woke up from her slumber. Overall, I believe it is a type of metaphor for waking up to live life after a "deep sleep" (such as an epiphany.) Start living your life the way you would like to instead of letting others dim your glow.

Being a princess means to overcome hardships with grace and bringing love to others in the midst of when they are down. Never belittling to get ahead, but still staying on top while attaining an empathetic diplomacy. Being a princess is many times seen as a little girl's dream. It is seen as something only children and the Magic Kingdom possess, but this can also be a state of mind to live by. Just the same as many people will see playing video games as a pass time for only children, adults can enjoy castles and crowns. Why does this have to end at the age of 12?

There are still real live monarchies around and celebrities that have married into royalty, so being called a princess can be made fun of because of the far cry of getting to be one, but most dreams come with their small statistical chances that can still be unbound. After all, I know I am a descendent of royalty. You may say many others are also the great great grandchildren of royalty, but even more for it to still be something we can appreciate in ourselves.

I wrote a story once about groups creating state monarchies in America that people were weary of because of it being a threat to how the president runs. Does having royalty set back the entire idea of progression? Maybe if you still made it by blood. Being chosen could be a new step for this. Being the president is basically like being royalty without being named a prince or princess; both of the names still start with P. I have the dolls of Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy and I see them both as princesses in their own right. Dazzling women who will be forever remembered.

If I just go about my day wearing crowns and tell everyone I am a princess will it catch on or pointed out as a delusion? Whatever happened to fake it until you make it? If that is what I want to be passionately enough is it true enough? It is just like how in the show Princess: A Modern Fairytale, everyone made fun of the main character for dressing up and living in a castle. They laughed and said she just called herself princess because she inherited the built castle and just wanted to be one. It turned out in the end that she actually did have the power to talk to animals and keep them calm. She stood true to who she really was, even in the face of those laughing at her.

I am a princess and my name is Princess Seashell. The animal companions I would have are several cats who like to be carried around together in a large rolling cat carrier. I show people other ways of thinking and new concepts of empathy. My cats sing songs about laying around and enjoying life. They will help you by rubbing against you and purring with happy meows. I can hear exactly what they are telling me when they meow. My castle is black and pink with a giant stuffed animal pit and indoor trampolines. There is a doll collection room showcasing other princesses. There is a cozy reading area, tea room, and a dining room with comfortable chairs for when people come over. The wine cellar is always stocked and beautiful with flowers always planted in the front gardens.


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Shelby Hagood Written by Shelby Hagood

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