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Love, Shakespeare, and Destiny Crossed

An Examination of Romeo and Juliet's World

By KEN COLEPublished 25 days ago 2 min read
Love, Shakespeare, and Destiny Crossed
Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash

There is a lovely story that spans both location and time that is buried deep in my thoughts. It is the story of two spirits shattered by the cruel turn of events but brought together by an unbreakable bond. Alright, my dear reader, let me to fascinate you with the Romeo and Juliet tale. Generations of people have been enthralled with this tale, and its timeless themes of fate, love, and loss still arouse deep emotions in us.

Before we descend into the lanes of Verona and the forbidden desire that sprang from its ancient walls, let me ask you something. Ever had the exciting spark of romance only to have it snuffed out by uncontrollably bad luck? Ever wish you could have a love so pure and all-encompassing that death could not snuff it out? Above all, have you ever wondered why two hormonally tipped teenagers would act so dramatically in the name of love? My reader should not worry; all will become evident in due order.

Feel this. The Montagues and Capulets' never-ending battle in passionate and violent Verona threatens to destroy all in its path. The stunning young Montague scion Romeo and the sparkling jewel of the Capulet home, Juliet, nevertheless, emerge as star-crossed lovers amid the chaos and turmoil. Their love develops against the odds, like a wildflower sprouting in the cracks of a collapsing wall.

What, though, about Romeo and Juliet still fascinates us today? Is it the thoughtlessness with which they follow their enthusiasm, not considering the consequences? Perhaps, like forbidden fruit hanging just out of reach, their love is forbidden. For whatever reason, we are enthralled with their story like moths to a flame and long to experience the highs and lows of their stormy love.

Romeo and Juliet is a fascinating and enigmatic tale even with all its fame and accolades. Why, you may question, did these two young lovers choose to elope when a simple one would have sufficed to be together? Were their extremes caused by something deeper or by their impatience from childhood? And what will become of our star-crossed characters as influenced by the deeds of the supporting cast, which consists of the brash Tybalt, the astute Friar Laurence, and the gullible nurse?

Walking back through Verona's labyrinthine lanes, I am struck by how strong their love is even now. It's a love that brings the imagined and real together across time and place. It is a timeless reminder that love can turn even the darkest of nights into the brightest of days, even though their story may end tragically.

As we bid adieu to stunning Verona and the sad lovers who once roamed its streets, dear reader, let us hold their memories close to our hearts as a beacon of hope in a world beset by strife. Given that love is, in the end, the greatest voyage of all, replete with curveballs, smiles, and tears, and everything in between?


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