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Jide Okonjo Writers Club - Create, Earn, Critique, Mingle

Everything to know, and how to join!

By Jide OkonjoPublished 5 months ago 3 min read


It's finally here! Jide Okonjo Writers Club is a community I've been wanting to create for a very long time. It is an online community where Nigerian writers, at any point of their career, can come together to create, earn, offer helpful critiques to each other, and mingle.

I've been a member of several failed Nigerian writing communities in the past and because of that, I'm determined to make sure that mine succeeds. I have so many things planned out, and from the beginning have organized the community into different sections so it's easy to navigate.


Our community is broken up into 4 major sections: CREATE, EARN, CRITIQUE, and MINGLE.

  • ✍️ CREATE: In this section of our community, there are currently four channels. There is a channel to introduce yourself and welcome new members. There is a general lounge which is the common area where you'll be able to share anything you want that pertains to writing and our community. There's a channel for learning which includes helpful resources. And finally in this section is a channel where you can self-promote your own work.
  • 💰 EARN: In this section, there are two channels. There is a channel to participate in our writing contests which come with cash money prizes, and of course the opportunity to get bragging rights if you win. There is also another channel where you can find writing gigs, jobs, and opportunities.
  • 💬 CRITIQUE: The critique section is where you can post any part of your work which you'd like helpful eyeballs on. The critique in this community is constructive, provided by fellow writers and editors, written with kindness and a knowledge of storytelling.
  • 🤝 MINGLE: This is the section to let loose and talk about books, movies, and trending TV shows. Everybody is free to post about things they like, hate, or want to have a conversation about with fellow writers.


Joining our community is very straight-forward. In the enrollment form below, simply enter your

  • name,
  • e-mail (please provide an e-mail you actively use),
  • and answer the question: "What book/movie/tv show do you think had the best writing this year?"

Once you fill out the form, hit "submit" and follow the instructions.


Q: Is the community free to join?

A: Yes, Jide Okonjo Writers Club is a completely FREE online community made specifically for Nigerian writers at every point in their career. There is no registration fee.

Q: Do I need to pay to participate in the writing contests?

A: Again, Jide Okonjo Writers Club is completely FREE. You don't need to pay to participate in any of our writing contests. That is also free for members of our community to partake in.

Q: Are there any rules to follow in the community?

A: Yes, there are a number of community rules which you will also have access to and can always refer back to as a member of the club. The most important rules are that kindness is crucial within this community, and we expect members to treat each other, and the moderators with respect. Spam is prohibited. This includes unsolicited advertisements, irrelevant self-promotion, and repeated posting of identical messages across different channels. Appropriate self-promotion is allowed in the ⁠self promotion channel. Doxxing is strictly forbidden. Personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, sensitive discussions or private conversations should not be shared. We do not allow NSFW content. Also, images and links are permitted in the on-topic channels as long as they are related to the conversation. The rules are pretty simple and straight-forward and as long as you're a well-meaning writer joining the community to enrich yourself and our community, while maintaining kindness and decorum, you should be fine.


I cannot wait to have you become a member of Jide Okonjo Writers Club. It is such a fun club, and I have so many exciting things planned that you will absolutely love. I cannot wait to see you inside the community. Once you join, please come say hi!


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