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Ibrahim Elhefnawy: The content industry in the Arab world has developed greatly

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By sami readPublished 24 days ago 1 min read
Ibrahim Elhefnawy - إبراهيم الحفناوي

Egyptian content creator Ibrahim Elhefnawy said that the content industry on social media in the Arab world has developed very significantly. Since the emergence of the Corona virus in 2020.

People have turned to the Internet more than ever before, and technology has entered all fields, especially in the field of media. In the past, the public relied mainly on television, radio, and newspapers.

But now the main trend for most people of all groups is the Internet and social media in particular

Even most media workers have transferred their activities to social media and to creating content on social media

Ibrahim Elhefnawy added that the content industry now has rules and foundations that anyone must follow in order to create successful and distinctive content.

Since many people have turned to this field, the content maker must be creative and innovative in creating content in order to become prominent among all other content makers.

Among these foundations is searching for what matters to people, but from your point of view in an unprecedented way. If another content creator is imitated, you will not become one of the distinguished ones.

Elhefnawy said that before starting content creation, comprehensive research must be conducted on popular topics and current trends.

As a content creator, try to understand the interests of your target audience and what they are looking for. Then make a plan for the content you want to create

He stressed that it is necessary for the content creator who seeks to work on social media to be at a stage of full understanding and knowledge of his abilities and all the skills and information he possesses that he must present to the public.


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