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I am Thankful of Such Everything.

I have a huge family, wonderful friends, and the man of my dreams thanks to life.

By M.IrfanPublished about a month ago 3 min read
I am grateful of Such Everything.

I am appreciative that I got to go through _________. Writing Prompts for Gratitude by Rupi Kaur

It is with gratitude that I have witnessed my children blossom into compassionate, loving adults who are building families and finding meaningful jobs.

I am appreciative that I lived to watch several of my grandchildren reach adulthood and have fulfilling lives. While some seem to be doing well and are raising or establishing families of their own, others seem to be struggling.

Next are my pals, some of whom I've known since high school and some of whom I've just recently met. Last week, I was making jokes about how some of my friends would come over and either brush or push my hair down while it was sticking up.

Very similar to how my sister would say, "Let me braid your hair!" The gift of lifelong friends is that they end up becoming sisters.

In particular, I am appreciative to my spouse. Even after 24 years of dating, our commitment to one another hasn't changed. This husband might remain our spouse until death do us part. Every day, we share laughter and life's pleasures together. We share our rehabilitation and love of family.

What is the most important thing a woman should know? Writing Prompts for Gratitude by Rupi Kaur

"I am woman, hear me roar!" was the first thought that entered my head. The most important thing a woman can learn is to always, always trust the Creator/God to help her when she needs it. even in the minor details.

Bringing the Creator/God into my life is the biggest lesson I have learnt, even though I am aware that the message is that God helps those who assist themselves. In case you were wondering, I am not religious; rather, I am spiritual.

Then, one of the most important things a woman can ever learn is that, just by observing and listening, we can always pick up new skills from other women.

I discovered that I don't have to like everyone in order to love them, and I also learnt how to live in the now. It was a woman who taught me that. "When in a room with people, look at each person and express your love to them with your eyes," she advised. It functions.

My most recent successful cry taught me __________. Writing Prompts for Gratitude by Rupi Kaur

Anyone can die with COVID-19. My brother had only been born in 1948. Being the oldest and anticipated to die first, I told my brothers that I wanted them to take good care of themselves when my 53-year-old sister passed away from leukemia. It doesn't harm to tell them that, even if I know it's not up to me.

I informed my husband the day after my brother passed away that we might lose one of our seven children over our lifetimes. It was not something he wanted to consider. After that talk, I don't either, and I add my kids to my daily prayer list.

My siblings and I, who are only a few years older than my brother, received COVID-19 shots immediately following his funeral. My daughter and her husband completed a will, which they then brought up to me till we obtained our own will designating our executors as her and John's youngest daughter.

"So that's who cost us $1,000," John remarked. "It was worth it not to have to worry about our kids fighting over anything," I continued. Our desires are outlined in the will, but we still need to complete the paperwork specifying our preferences for who gets what.

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