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How I Recovered Myself From AI?

The journey of my writing

By PriyaPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Hello everyone! Hope all are good!

Until July 2023, I don't have a passion. I don't know what I love and what my career is.

Then, I found my passion. When I watch movies I'm very much excited If I saw writer character.

I don't know why.

My school days I really like to write a poems and stories in my primary language(Tamil). I am very poor English. Literally, I mug up my English subject. I don't even know how to make sentence in English. I am a topper in all my studies. But, not in English. Because, all my subjects are in my primary language(Tamil).

Then, I face so many difficulties to write and speak English. My inferiority complex grow up. I rejected many competitions even I'm interested.

At the time of my graduation, all my subjects are in English. That was very tough time for me. Because I'm not having interest in my course(Electronics and Communication Engineering). Still, I don't know why I would take that course. I am topper in that too, because, My scholarship cancelled when I got below 70%. So, I had to mug up that all too.

After completing my degree I got placed in software company. I was too afraid whenever I had a meeting. I am not happy in that job. I continued that job because of my family compulsion. Then, I face so much of depression, lot's of sleepless nights and also having severe health problems.

I finally quit that job at Feb 2023. They didn't gave 5 months of my salary and also my experience certificate. They cheated me.

"I was totally vanished.!"

Then I got another opportunity from another software company as a developer. But, this time I don't wanna get into that. I made a brave move in my life. I decided to find what I love and what was my passion. I wanna move forward my career which make me happy.

I face lots of struggles throughout my searching journey. I don't have enough money to live. I am living with my parents. I want be my own boss. So, I decided to start e-commerce business but, I don't have enough money. I can't ask from my parents. Then, I decided to do websites and apps. But, I am not interested in it and I don't wanna move forward.

After 6 months, I saw a video about blogging and content development. I got a spark and research about it. I finally made it. I found my passion. I love to read, write and teach people. Those things are combined together in blogging and content development.

Initially, I got a fear about my writing skills because of my language proficiency. So, I used AI to develop my ideas as a content. But, I didn't feel happy that I want. I feel I'm not true to myself and also readers. We feel real joy when we're honest.

AI is a good content writer. But, AI is not me!

I realised that and making content, stories and poems by own. I read lot and practice writing everyday. I joined vocal on Aug 2023 to share my thoughts as well as improve my skills.

Initially I didn't got any views. But after sometimes I got some views, likes and feedbacks. These motivates me to moving forward. I know my contents are not perfect. But, that doesn't matters for me. I am very happy to write by own. I am feeling proud to myself.

I share my ideas and thoughts to the world with my writings. I decided to share my thoughts through blogging. I wanna become full time blogger and content developer. I know it takes time. I believe this journey gives me more peace and happy. I hope I start my blogging website soon!

Oh my God!!!!!! Initially, I don't even know how to write 100 words. But now, I write 600+ words by myself.

I am feeling so proud!

Thanks for reading!

I post some stories and poems! Kindly give your feedbacks and likes. Your feedbacks helps me lot. Feedbacks are the backbones to improve my writing skills. Whatever the feedbacks is that helps for my future endeavours!.

Subscribe me for more stories and poems.

Keep supporting me!

Thankyou once again!

Journey continues!


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I create stories, share fun facts, explore myths, evoke feelings with poems, and craft heart-touching songs.

Website : lyfxperts.com

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Comments (5)

  • Oyeye Ozege10 months ago

    I feel you, am glad you came out of those shell.💕✨ #Selfunderstandingandrealisation

  • Mother Combs10 months ago

    Good work

  • Hunter Prawin10 months ago


  • Alex H Mittelman 10 months ago

    This is very well written! Your English is good!

  • PP10 months ago


PriyaWritten by Priya

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