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Help me land on a story idea to complete

By J. L. GreenPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read
Community/Reader Insights
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Hello readers/writers!

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of story ideas living rent-free in my head and it's time for them to vacate. Problem is, it's mostly snippets of ideas vs. a fully-fledged book. I will list out my ideas below and I would be so grateful if the members of the community could help me choose which story sounds most interesting to complete!

If you see one that catches your interest, please leave a comment. (If you have any fun prompts, feel free to leave those too.) Thank you!


1. A Bone to Pick - Short-to-mid length story - Genre: Adventure, fantasy-esque, Psychological.

A girl with sleep troubles learns that her dreams are a different form of reality and she has to find the being in charge so she can finally get some restful sleep. On this quest, she navigates her own sanity and sense of what's real and what's not.

2. We Meet Again - Short story - Genre: Realistic

Soul mates but Uno reversed (they hate each other :D)

3. Love's Battlefield - Mid-to-Full length story - Genre: Romance, Drama, Adventure-esque

A girl and her best friends brother pretend to be a couple to compete in a reality TV show to win $500,000. Couples are put through a series of physical, psychological, and emotional challenges until only one couple remains.

4. R&D Adventures - A series of 100 short prompt-based stories - Genre: Adventure, Action, Fiction, Fantasy-esque, Sci-Fi

Follow a main group of characters, with focus on Rhett & Dani as they handle all of the crazy, dangerous, or down-right stupid events that happen in their small city of Peril. There are mad scientists, some fantasy species, an underground protective agency, and so much more.

5. In Our Eyes - Full-length story - Genre: Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi-esque

In a society where some individuals have an Enhanced sense, or senses, one girl tries to navigate her place in life and escape the Corporation that is hunting her. She gets caught up in things she'd never imagined and is pushed to her limits.

6. The Pyramid - Short-to-mid length story, maybe 2 or 3 parts - Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Follow a group based on my favorite D&D characters I've created as they go on a rescue mission. I will be rolling some dice like I would if I was playing in a campaign to see how well they do and to make the story interesting. A quick snippet of the characters:

Hal - A Dwarven Fighter with a Minnesotan accent and pure personality to match. (Ooda) Lolly - An albino Half-Goblin Bard with the most nasally voice and poor eyesight. Elara - A Tiefling Warlock with an eye for shiny things and a pet rat named Charlie. Ember - A Half-Elf Druid with...issues. And Gemini - An Aasimar Cleric with a smile that's just too wide and will ask your permission before she heals you, because she doesn't want to interfere with your right to die.

7. A Von Wilde Christmas - Mid-to-Full length - Genre: Romance, some drama

(By far the happiest/sweetest fictional story I've written) Willow spends her Christmas break with her boyfriend Greyson Von Wilde at his estate. They get up to some mischief, there's some high stakes, and a ball with a hilarious ending (to Willow).

8. True Believer - Mid-to-Full length story - Genre: Religious Fiction, Thriller, Manipulation

A girl is taken into a cult. The True Believers try to convert the Sinner through questionable means and brutal practices, all stemming from Father Devran's teachings and methods. (I won't be too graphic, but this will come with a trigger warning.)


About the Creator

J. L. Green

I've been writing for fun since I was a preteen and haven’t stopped since. I tend to favor the darker/angsty/thriller type of themes. Here’s to hoping readers enjoy my work, and those that don't find something they do.

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Comments (2)

  • Shirley Belkabout a month ago

    I would choose #3 to read....sounds like fun and adventure to me!

  • Jennifer Davidabout a month ago

    This is such a vibe. I had a dream that I started writing about and number one made me think of it. It's a different concept but so similar! I'm looking foward to seeing the stories that come from this!

J. L. GreenWritten by J. L. Green

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