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Positie Values Of Perseverance

By MICHAEL ADEYANJUPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

I felt as if my world would come to an end, or probably had.

I was confused, if that word can describe exactly what I was experiencing.

If I could stretch my imagination to an acceptable limit, it's perhaps safer to take the bull by its horn and say I was indeed lost in the depths of dilemma.

You can imagine how that can happen, sometimes. You think you've got everything under control and that what remains for you is just to wrap it up.

Boom! You are home safe

However, things don't usually work out the very way we plan them to, at least not everytime.

Suddenly everything can start falling apart at the seams and all your efforts to hold them together succeeds only in worsening matters.

That's what happened to me.

I though I had crossed all the t's and dotted all the I's, and that there was no way I was going to miss out on the deal, which was to get my story accepted for publication in a prestigious globally-acclaimed publishing company.

It had always presented to me a semblance of deja Vu, that feeling of familiarity telling me that I have been in this corridor sometime in the past and been through this experience before. In such environment I used to find myself in an endless passage and all the passersby were people I knew. Nevertheless, the moment I made an approach to engage any of them, they would immediately vanish. Or denied knowing me. One after another. It never changes.

That happened to me everytime I missed an opportunity and couldn't seem to get the hang of being accepted.

Sometimes I have tried to ponder on my situation. All my attempts to reason out a solution have been fruitless, and I can only believe that in my own case, just as the saying goes, when it rains it pours. Could it be a case of natural bad luck, or was there something I kept doing wrong without realizing it?

Well, you just guessed right: I missed the bus this time around too:

"Sorry sir, try again another time please".

I was hurt.

I had been so sure I couldn't miss out on this one.

I didn't know what else I was supposed to do, because I believed I had tidied up everything.

Now I was told there were still a number of yawning lose ends to tie up, and to the best of my knowledge I was at a loss how to do it.

If I was asleep it would be easier for me to believe I was dreaming, or I would scream out for someone to wake me up. But I wasn't.

I was by myself all wound up tight, like a knot of rope. My mind was screaming at me, " This is it, trash it and stop disturbing yourself".

Exactly my decision too. I knew I had the gift but every rejection seemed be telling me I wasn't good enough.

Must I continue to hit my head on a wall that refused yield?

My brains said an emphatic "No".

Then, I met her.

From the beauty of her hair, which sat well on her petite head like a crown of diamonds, she signalled "Yes".

Are there enough words to describe my new source of strength?

When you receive a package as a gift on your birthday, is it the wrapping which excites you or the contents of the box?

Surely, externally she was beautiful enough to make guys compete for her.

However, her interior possessed and promised greater treasures.

Take a snap of this.

She thought me of the importance of hanging on and never giving up on any task that was worth doing, until it had been carried out to its last stages of completion.

She became the strength, energy and passion that motivated all my activities.

She quickly occupied the empty space in my heart and filled the void in my world of frustration.

Whereas I had initially lost hope in myself, she taught me how to believe in myself and in my abilities. She brought positive purpose to my existence and suddenly, I could trust my natural talent and gifts again.

She became the force that gave life and activation to my NEEDS, AMBITION, and GOALS.

In years to come, I saw her as the reason for me to endure to the end, and the justification of the pains and sweat I need to bear to get what I wanted.

As indispensable in breathing was she to me and I could do nothing without her.

In her warm and invigorating embrace, I discovered boldness, positivity, and determination to cross dangerous bridges, to overcome challenges and setbacks, and to meet my set targets no matter how long it took or how tough it was.

What on earth could I have achieved without the work ethics of my lady?

Without her energy I could neither have satisfied the thirst of my NEEDS nor fed the eagle eyes of my focus.

If I experienced emotions of panic and was about to chicken out, my lady was there to infuse the positive stubbornness of determination into me.

She was always to me a standard of consistency and reliability, like a stable flood of light permanently flooding the insides of a tunnel.

Trust my queen to dazzle you with the royalty of her resilience through her incomparable capacity for survival, like a cat with nine lives.

Give her a task and you can go to sleep with your two eyes shut, for surely she will deliver the goods for you, even when it's raining cats and dogs.

Often times I have sighted her replica in the husband or wife who holds on tenaciously to the union

Stubbornly refusing to allow the fire of love to die

Holding on till victory over failure is achieved

Again I have observed her influence in the newbies like me

Who aspire to be go-getters in their own fields and professions

Learning to stick like glue to the agenda

Till they have actualized their goals

Perchance you still wonder who my lady is?


That's who my soul mate and partner is.


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