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Why Toyota Hilux is Invincible?

by Tony Porter about a month ago in product review

Toyota vehicles are known for outlasting their owners

Toyota vehicles are known for outlasting their owners. This is no exaggeration. Toyota trucks are so well-engineered that they can't be damaged no matter what. Toyota Hilux Pickups from the 1980s are a prime example.

Top Gear's famed automobile program, BBC, had everything to do with this truck, from setting it on fire to parking it on top of buildings and then blowing it up with explosives. It still ran.

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Hilux's invincibility is due to its over-engineered design. Let's look at how this principle can be applied to make the engine and frame virtually indestructible.

An Indestructible Frame

These are some of the most notable features of the frame in the Toyota Hilux.

Rigid Box Channel Frame

Toyota wanted this truck to be a utility-oriented workhorse. A frame that can withstand all kinds of abuse was the most important aspect. They made the truck's frame with high-strength metal. They used a box frame instead of a C section.

The cross-section of box channel steel is rectangular or square in shape, while the C-Section has a rectangular C shape with one side open. This gives this truck a very rigid frame. No matter how heavy you tow behind the truck, the frame will not flex.

Simple and strong suspension

Its suspension was the next thing that made this truck so durable and strong. Toyota didn't go for coil-overs or adaptive dampers. Toyota's truck was designed to haul and tow, so the best suspension for this purpose was the old-fashioned leaf springs.

Toyota used both solid rear and front axles in this truck. Although this makes the truck less comfortable it was not the main focus of Toyota's truck design. You want optimum traction when towing or hauling. Solid axles ensure that you have solid axles.

These simple mechanisms are also easy to repair. A Toyota Hilux can be fixed at home if you have some knowledge about automobiles. It doesn't cost much to fix your truck, even if you need to take it to the mechanic.

These almost 40-year-old trucks can still be seen on the roads today.

A Over-Engineered Engine

The engine is what makes a truck move, no matter how reliable its mechanical components. Toyota spent a lot of money to ensure that the powerplant in this truck was just as durable as the truck.

Toyota offered a variety of diesel and gasoline engines for this truck, but the 22RE is the most popular. Because it was durable, this motor was easy to repair. The simple 2.4L 4-cylinder engine is capable of traveling 500,000 miles. But how?

Block High Nickel

Toyota used high-nickel alloy steel to make the block for the 22RE. A block with just 5.5% nickel has 125% more strength than a pure-iron version. The block will last longer and performs better in extreme work environments.

Forged internals

Forged pistons and crankshafts were the next thing that made 22RE so strong. While we don't want the technical details to be discussed, forged parts are stronger and lighter than the original. This means that the engine can do a lot without wearing out.

Long Bore & Domed Pistons

Another thing that makes 22RE so special is its longer bore. A longer bore means a lower RPM range and more torque. In engines, it is a rule that the older the engine is, the lower its RPM. The engine was able to haul and tow far more than engines the same size.

Toyota also created inverted domes at the tops of its pistons. This increased both the displacement and compression ratio of the engine. This resulted in an engine that was more powerful but also more efficient on fuel.

You might think reliability and durability are only limited to the Hilux. Toyota's latest trucks are built on the same principle.

Take the Legacy Forward

Toyota makes full-size trucks as well as compact trucks. Toyota Tundra is the top-of the-line model. It has the same rigid frame as the Toyota Tundra and a V8 underneath.

The Tundra's durability has been proven by a US man who drove it for over a million miles without having to rebuild the engine. Toyota's secret recipe is to over-engineer the engine.

In conclusion

This is not to say that Toyota will be the only pickup truck manufacturer. Other automakers also offer remarkable options. You can see examples of the Chevy Silverado or the legendary Ford F150.

These trucks are modern, innovative, and comfortable. But Toyota is also invincible.

What number of trucks can withstand being struck by a wrecking ball and blown up on top of concrete buildings and set on fire, yet still be able to enter an auto show powered solely by their own engines?

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