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Why Does My BMW Have A Weird Noise When I Accelerate?

BMW Have A Weird Noise

By Marlow Mercedes WerksPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

So, as soon as you press the gas pedal, your BMW makes a strange sound :(:(:(

In order to trace the noise to its root and get the issue fixed, you turned to the internet and found this article. Well, guess what??? This quest of yours in acquiring information about the strange car noise during acceleration has not gone in vain. This blog post sheds light on some of the prominent reasons why a car may produce strange noise during acceleration.

Identifying The Reasons behind Your BMW’s Strange Noise during Acceleration

Before jumping to any conclusions… you have to find out where the sound is coming from. And, yes; try to analyze the noise and find out what it really sounds like. The discussion below highlights some of the strange sounds made by cars during acceleration and the factors involved. Plus, as you read through you will learn some of the key solutions to the problem.

Noise #1- Squealing noise at certain speeds

More often than not… a squealing noise when you accelerate your BMW indicates a malfunction in the braking system. It is because of the braking system that you get to decide when the vehicle should be slowing down and stop moving. If for some reason the braking system acts up, the vehicle’s stopping distance will increase. Additionally, it will produce a strange squealing noise which will become louder as the speed increases.

How to proceed if this is indeed the problem?

A- Check the brake pads; see if there is enough friction material left on them.

B- If the brake pads are worn, you better replace them.

C- Once you are done with the brake pads, check if there are any deformities on any of your BMW’s brake rotors.

D- Replace rotors with high-degree deformities.

Noise #2- Grinding noise when picking up speed

So, recently your BMW has been making a strange grinding noise when you try to accelerate… Often, such a noise points to a gearbox-related fault. The gearbox is perhaps the most complex component of any vehicle. Composed of many different parts, a gearbox essentially manipulates engine torque before supplying it to the wheels. If it malfunctions due to a broken part or any other technical fault, a strange grinding sound will be emitted which will become more pronounced when you press the accelerator.

How to proceed if this is indeed the problem?

A- Check if there is enough fluid left in the transmission system.

B- If the fluid level has fallen below the minimum requirement limit, consider topping it up.

C- If the issue is something else- something more technical, get in touch with the nearest service center.

Noise #3- Rattling noise when pressing the gas pedal

There are all sorts of reasons why your BMW may begin to make odd noises at certain speeds; ranging from an engine-related issue to a suspension problem. If there is something off with the engine's valve lifter, the engine will start giving off an odd rattling noise especially when accelerating. Piston slap, defective drive belt, damaged pulley, and worn water pump are among the other major engine troubles that can result in the emergence of a rattling noise.

How to proceed if this is indeed the problem?

A- If you are certain that the noise your BMW is giving off is because of an engine issue, it is advised that you get in touch with a professional mechanic.

B- It is also important to note that a damaged exhaust bracket and a loose or clogged catalytic converter can also cause this strange noise.

Noise #4- Knocking or ticking noise

When was the last time you got your BMW's motor oil level checked??? Has it been a while? The reason why we are asking these questions is that skipping a scheduled oil change can result in poor engine performance along with the emergence of odd and peculiar knocking or ticking noise.

How to proceed if this is indeed the problem?

A- Check the quality and quantity of your BMW’s motor oil.

B- Replace or replenish it if necessary.

In Conclusion

These are the top possibilities why your BMW may start giving off a strange noise as you press the accelerator. You must get to the bottom of the issue and figure out what's exactly going on. Because, if these things are not taken care of, you may end up with expensive repair bills.


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