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Why Aren't Your Jaguar XF's Rear Windows Functioning?

Jaguar XF's Rear Windows Problem

By Lancer ServicePublished about a month ago 3 min read

In the old days, you must have used the car windows that could be moved up or down by rolling the crank. Technology is growing day by day with new inventions. Modern luxury cars like the Jaguar XF have automatic rear windows that can be closed or opened using a switch.

In this article, let’s learn about why the rear windows stop working and how to avoid the failure of the rear windows.

About Rear Windows of the Jaguar XF

Rear windows are often called windshields or windscreens as they protect you and your fellow passengers from bags of dust, bugs rocks, etc. These act like barriers by covering you in extremely bad weather like snowfall, hailstorms, lightning thunderstorms, etc.

Jaguar XF’ rear windows are made by joining two glass layers with the help of a binding agent. These glasses are very hard to break and once they are broken then they won’t fall apart. They remain stuck to the window frames and still protect you and the interior of the car from getting hurt. In bad accidents, if these glasses break, they shatter in unsharpened pieces so that they won’t be able to harm you.

Jaguar XF’s Rear Window lifting mechanism

The rear windows of the Jaguar XF are regulated by electric batteries, wires, and switches. They can be operated only after the ignition of your car and cannot be opened or closed forcefully.

A worm gear, many spur gears, and an electrical motor are connected in a certain circuit design so that they generate a torque force by which the rear windows get the energy to function.

These windows are built with extraordinary technology that can only be controlled by the people seated inside the car so that there is zero chance of theft. Because the worm gears have a self-locking feature, the worm can rotate the gear but the vice versa is not true.

Jaguar XF Rear window failure

Like other electric accessories of your car, these windows may malfunction or stuck due to the following reasons:

 Rear windows can stop working if the window motors misfire.

 Faulty switches and sparking wire connections can also result in stuck windows.

 Fuses can get burned out due to poor voltage or short circuit leading to rear window failure.

 Bad window regulators and broken cable pulleys may also create issues in lifting the windows.

 If Ice or snow is blocking the window slot then the windows won’t move at all.

 A defective car door can also lead to unresponsive windows.

 Severe road accidents can completely damage the rear windows.

 Sometimes child safety lock may lock the window unknowingly.

Fixing the Rear Windows of the Jaguar XF

First, you have to turn your ignition key to the accessory position and check by pressing and holding the window switches upwards to figure out whether all the windows are not working or a single window is stuck.

Then make sure that the lock-out switch is not activated as this may lock the rear windows unintentionally.

Hold and release the window switches repeatedly and if you hear out some groaning sound or see the glasses quiver like they want to move then the switches are functioning. There might be some issue with the rear window’s regulator or motor.

You can also check the fuses, if the fuses have burnt-out then you have to replace the fuses with new ones.

These are the tips that you can perform if the rear windows stop working suddenly in the mid-way. But it is recommended to visit a professional mechanic to troubleshoot the issues and fix the rear windows perfectly.

Ignoring these defects may completely damage the internal wiring system, regulator, motor, and switches of the rear windows leading to complete replacement of those components, windows, or may be the doors too.

The End

This is the end of this informative article concerned with the rear windows of the Jaguar XF. You should save the rear windows from getting stuck and damaged to maintain the outer look of your car as well as the inner cleanliness. The way your Jaguar XF’s rear windows protect you should also take care of their safety.


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