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What is Ceramic Coating and How Can It Benefit My Car?

by Colorado PDR about a month ago in product review

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Do you love your car?  Many people spend nearly as much each month on a car payment as they do their mortgage.  Some even refer to their vehicle as their "baby."  With such a significant investment, wouldn't you want to protect your vehicle’s exterior from dings and paint damaging contaminants?  If you are proud of your ride and want it to stay looking great for years to come, consider protecting its paint with a ceramic coating.  This amazing technology offers superior protection, without taking anything away from the appearance of your vehicle.  There are so many benefits when choosing this great technology.  The only question left to ask yourself is what am I waiting for!?

Ceramic Coating Defined

A ceramic coating is an extremely durable finish that can be applied directly onto any type of surface including metal, plastic, or glass to add superior protection from dents, dings, scratches, and contaminates. Thus, you can maintain your vehicles interior and exterior for years to come. A ceramic coating will not crack, chip, peel or flake off like other finishes. In fact, it's virtually impossible to scratch! Ceramic coatings offer exceptional durability because they're designed specifically for use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, trailers, planes, trains and more!

Ceramic Pro for The Win

If the idea of a ceramic coating sounds appealing to you, consider if Ceramic Pro could be the right choice for your vehicle.  This innovative ceramic coating is manufactured by NanoShine LTD, and is offered as a completely translucent, liquid nanoceramic coating that can be painted over your vehicles existing paint. It will then form a chemical bond once it is fully dry.  At this time, your vehicle will be fitted with one of the most protective nanoglass coatings available on the market today.

No longer will your paint be vulnerable to rust, corrosion, harsh chemicals, contaminants, dirt, and debris, but instead your manufacturers paint will remain unscathed for years to come.  While any ceramic coating will be advantageous to the health of your paint, Ceramic PRO in particular remains a superior product over similar competitors. This is largely because it offers 9H hardness protection which is much higher than other comparable products on the market that only offer a hardness range of 2H to 4H.   This means your vehicle will be able to withstand greater forces of impact without sustaining damage.  Even better, you can coat your paint as well as your windows, rims, and interior with Ceramic Pro protection, so every inch of your vehicle remains in showroom condition.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coatings:

1) No More Rust & Corrosion - You can rest easy knowing your paint and exterior vehicle components won't be impacted by harmful elements that cause rusting and corroding.

2) Long Lasting Protection - When compared to other types of automotive coatings, Ceramic Pro lasts up to 10 times longer. Not only does this mean less frequent reapplications, but it also saves money since you won't have to replace your paint prematurely due to wear and tear.

3) Better Looking Paint Job - Because Ceramic Pro is transparent, it allows light to pass through giving your vehicle a brighter look while still maintaining the original color scheme. Additionally, Ceramic Pro is non-yellowing making it ideal for those who want their car to retain its original appearance even after many years of exposure to sunlight.

4) Easy Application Process - With just two coats of Ceramic Pro, you'll get an extremely durable finish that requires no sanding before painting. And unlike other ceramics, there are no special tools required to apply Ceramic Pro. Although, while you may be accustomed to doing jobs yourself, allowing a professional to complete the job, helps ensure every inch of your car is fully sprayed, so you get desired results and a long-lasting finish.

5) Low Maintenance Cost - Since Ceramic Pro doesn't need to be sealed, waxed, polished, buffed or touched up, you don't have to worry about spending extra money each month on maintenance costs. Instead, all you need to do is wash your vehicle regularly and keep it clean from dust and grime.  A bonus is that since, dirt and grime don't stick to the coating and moisture beads off, cleaning your car will be a breeze.

6) Non-Toxic To Your Vehicle - Ceramic Pro contains no VOCs, solvents or heavy metals meaning it's safe for both humans and animals alike.

7) Environmentally Friendly - As mentioned above, Ceramic Pro is made entirely out of natural ingredients such as water, silica, clay, minerals, resins, pigments and oils. These materials are biodegradable and recyclable making them environmentally friendly.

8) Maintains Your Vehicle's Equity - If you're looking to sell or trade in a vehicle that has been protected by Ceramic Pro, you can count on a better a return.  Vehicles are known culprits for depreciation as soon as they pull of the dealer lot.  Get more out of your used vehicle when you protect it from the start with a protective ceramic coating!

10) Long Lasting Finish - After being exposed to extreme weather conditions, UV rays, saltwater, chemicals, road debris, etc., most vehicles eventually develop cracks and chips. However, if you choose to go with Ceramic Pro, these issues become a thing of the past, due to its comprehensive protection against damage caused by harsh elements.  Not to mention, a quality application of Ceramic Pro will last you for many years to come without the need to respray your vehicle.

11) Quick Application Process - If you are dragging your feet because you are worried about how long your vehicle will be in the shop, don't wait another day to have a quality ceramic coating put on your vehicle.  This process can be completed in its entirety within a single day.  The process is quick and easy. The vehicle must first be sprayed, which takes less than one hour per side, in addition to the time it takes for the coating to fully dry.  That's it and you're back on the road.

With so many great benefits to the longevity and appearance of your vehicle, consider if protecting your vehicle with a ceramic coating could be the right investment for you!


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