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What Are The Benefits Of Magnetic Assemblies

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By Magnequench Published 12 months ago 3 min read

The world of magnets is quite enriched. These magnets are designed and assembled in various arrangements to complement the need of the site of application. With the help of sturdy yet supple magnetic assemblies, the makers can achieve the functionality desired. The top sites of application where magnets prove their utility are automotive, media storage and residential appliances.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of magnetic assemblies owing to which these are put to use for making components and machine parts.

  • Enhance mechanical strength

The magnet alloys have brittle composition, which needs fixing if the stability in structure is sought after. There is a chance of volume loss too, that needs attention. The volume loss is caused due to continued mechanical stress the magnetic part is exposed to. If due to stress, the magnetic part is chipped away from the main structure, the magnetic impact is drastically reduced. This issue can be solved with the help of assembling the magnet with non-magnetic parts. The arrangement keeps the components free from volume loss and helps achieve mechanical strength. The channel magnets and pot magnets are some of the magnetic assembly examples.

  • Improves magnetic power

A magnetic assembly is useful for making high speed magnets. The assembly comprises magnet and the flux conducting elements. These elements constitute the magnetic circuit too. Due to the presence of these elements, a higher magnetic force can be generated with the help of induction phenomenon. Improved magnetic power is useful at sites where the high-speed magnets are required. Magnetic storage solutions like HDD, etc. work better with improved magnetic power.

  • Various mounting features

High speed magnets require surface mounting. Similarly, press-fit assembly becomes possible to achieve through mechanical fastener. Plain magnets cannot be utilized in specialized areas, that is why, the magnetic assembly is designed to meet such purposes. With the help of magnetic assembly, various kind of mounting and housing styles become possible to achieve.

  • Diverse manufacturing methods

Magnetic assembly allows the makers to adopt various manufacturing methods. The types of assemblies include press-fitting, glue assembly and over molding; to quote a few. Pole housing sub-assembly part uses press-fitting. Glue assembly is used for parts made of iron or steel ring. And, the over-molding is used in compression molding with plastic and the shaft and plastic structure. The assembly can be created using magnet and plastic stuck together using an adhesive glue. It can also be created by pressing into metals such as iron, brass, etc. Various sites of application employ job-specific assemblies to achieve the functionality and the form.

  • Cost-effective

Particularly when compared to other kinds of electromechanical devices, magnetic assemblies can be an affordable alternative for many applications. They frequently last longer and need less maintenance, which eventually lowers costs overall.

  • Customization
  • Customised magnetic assemblies can be produced to meet size, form, and strength requirements. Magnetic assemblies are suitable for a number of applications since they may be highly tailored and precise.

To conclude,

Magnetic components are used in a variety of products. These are used to gain mechanical strength and speed. To overcome the disadvantages of plain magnet, the assemblies are created. These assemblies make use of housing, shaft, shaft and plastic, iron cores, etc. as per the structural requirement of the component. Wherever fast speed of components is desired, assemblies help attain the same using the principle of magnetic induction. Thus, diversity in use and imparting strength are the major advantages of magnetic assembly.

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