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Truck Driver Behavior That Could Cause an Accident

3 dangerous actions by truck drivers that could lead to a car crash.

Infractions by motor vehicle drivers are committed every day, whether it’s speeding, not following traffic signs or using a cellphone while driving. This is risky behavior that puts road users' lives at risk. However, commercial truck drivers that engage in the same risky behavior not only put lives in danger, but their commercial driver’s license could be suspended if they break some of these traffic laws. We have outlined some of the most common actions that could cause a truck accident.

Driving Tired or Drowsy

Driving tired or falling asleep behind the wheel is a dangerous behavior not only for the truck driver but for other drivers on the road as well. Unfortunately, commercial truck drivers are more likely to drive drowsy, due to strict delivery goals, night, or long shifts. Studies from the Sleep Foundation show that sleep deprivation has similar effects on your body as consuming alcohol, this means that when you are drowsy driving, your body will react the same way as if you were driving drunk. A drowsy truck driver could cause a serious accident by not paying attention to the road or other drivers, speeding, missing turns, or falling asleep at the wheel. Pay attention to your body when driving, especially at night, since this is the time when it is used to getting some sleep. Some signs your body gives you that you may be too tired to drive include:

• Trouble concentrating on the road

• Constantly yawning

• Trouble keeping eyes open

• Missing road signs or turns

• Inability to remember driving the last few miles or how you got to your destination

• Constantly bobbing your head

Driving Distracted

Texting and driving is banned in 48 states in the U.S. however some drivers still engage in this risky behavior. A truck driver using a cellphone while driving could be riskier than a smaller motor vehicle driver. Trucks take a longer time to slow down and break, if a distracted driver doesn’t notice a car in front of them or another hazard, they may not have enough time and space to safely break and avoid an accident. The consequences for a truck driver that is found texting and driving are also more severe than for car drivers. According to the FMCSA, texting and driving could lead to a commercial vehicle driver being disqualified, and fines of over $2,000. Don’t jeopardize your job and avoid texting while driving.


Some commercial truck drivers have strict delivery goals to reach and may be tempted to speed to meet these deadlines. Speeding can pose a great risk for drivers on the road, not only does speeding increase the chances of an accident but it can also cause more severe collisions resulting in serious injuries. A speeding ticket for a CDL holder could result in their license being revoked. The penalties for speeding depend on if this was a first, second or third violation, but they’re all considered a serious violation.

If you are involved in a truck accident caused by a distracted, drowsy or speeding truck driver, the driver or the company that they work for can be responsible for the damages that the accident caused you. Truck accident attorneys Panish Shea & Boyle suggest that accident victims should speak with an attorney after being involved in an accident. Legal professionals can help you determine what or who caused your accident, what your claim is worth, and guide you through the legal process. If a faulty component or mechanical failure in a truck caused the accident, then the liable party could be a manufacturing company.

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