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Traction Aids For ATV: Which Is Better Among Tire Studs Or Chains

by Trac Grabber 14 days ago in gadgets

So who among the “ATV chains vs. studs” showdown is the overall winner when it comes to traction aids for ATV?

Determining the perfect tire setup in your ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) is not simple. Neither chains nor tire studs are the complete solutions for winter conditions. With this article, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of both options so you can rightly decide which traction aid suits you the best.

So who among the “ATV chains vs. studs” showdown is the overall winner when it comes to traction aids for ATV? Chains are usually more suitable for all-purpose low-speed applications on ice and snow, like plowing and hauling firewood. Tire studs are more suited for high-speed ice racing & trail riding. Studs add minimum traction within the snow, where chains run well in moderate intensities.

Read on for a closer look at diverse parameters you need to take into account when deciding which among these two is better for you. For some commercial vehicle owners/ drivers, it’s essential not to damage the driveway, while for the rest, nothing matters more than the off-road performance. So make an educated decision for yourself by learning all you can expect from each of the two competitors.

Traction Aids For ATV: Traction On Snow

We’ve already discovered that studs work great on ice. But in the context of studs, the game ends here. With simply a tiny snow layer on the ice top, they no longer can dig into the ice, and the tires will start to slip. It’s worth regarding that the object of tire studs is usually misunderstood; they are just meant for ice. On snow, studs have little to no impact. Longer and robust studs will work to some extent on a super packed hard snow, but not much.

Chains work fine in moderate snow depths, but they dig in and leave you intensely focused on the belly pan when the depths of snow get extensive. Your most considerable risk with wheels in unfathomable snow is preparing tires with massive paddle-shaped lugs & implementing a comprehensive accelerator to raise wheel speed. This strategy serves better in conditions like these than any regular tire with tire chains. You can't realize the requisite wheel speed when utilizing chains.

When talking about playing in deep snow, not the utility work in reasonable dense snow, chains are much more reliable, only beaten by tracks. Those who desire to appropriate tire activity to get traction when operating in the snow can install studs to retain the ride compliant when driving on ice, reducing the risk of sliding off a snowy hill or spinning off.

Traction On Hard Surfaces Such As Asphalt Or Concrete

When driving on surfaces with no ice or snow, you will notice that studs & chains will lessen the car's grip compared to operating with straight ATV tires. One of the traction aids for ATV, chains, is so compact that it's often metal that contacts the ground, not the rubber of the tire. Metal is solid, smooth, and necessitates a soft surface; you can dig into it effectively.

When you drive on solid surfaces, you will slip around while breaking the surface you are moving on. Tire studs can be a bit more helpful if you don't install too long studs, allowing some rubber to touch the surface still, presenting them the safer option among the two when driving on hard surfaces.

Flexibility And Ease Of Use

You can install and remove the chains in a matter of minutes. It may demand a bit longer the first couple of times, maybe, but it's a comparatively fast & easy process when you learn the art of installing and removing it. With it comes to studs, this often takes a considerably extended time, no matter how much you excel at it. Using a drill, you have to install and remove the studs one by one, hence quite time-consuming.

Studs are intended for ice solely & will wear down if you practice them on more complicated surfaces. This is not perfect for ATVs that are applied on various surfaces. Not all ATV owners drive exclusively on ice. If you drive slow, you can use chains on snow, ice, slush, gravel, and even hard surfaces.


Traction Aids are an invaluable all-season traction device used in cars, trucks, ATVs, and other motorized vehicles. You may find various devices that offer traction aids for ATV. It's up to your requirement which device you need to get your vehicle back on the road.


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