Top 5 Things We Want to See from Tesla in the Future

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There are many things we want to see from Tesla in the future—and if the company can keep up, they could dominate the roads.

Tesla made electric cars cool, but there’s still a lot they need to do. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 5 Things We Want to See From Tesla in the Future."

For this list, we’re looking at what we as car fans want from the electric car manufacturing powerhouse. These requests could already be on the horizon, announced or talked about by the company itself, or merely pipe dreams of ours, but this is our wish list.

The Tesla Model S and Model X are awesome and amazing cars. For your average commuter, they’re basically perfect. So why aren’t they everywhere? One reason: Teslas are still prohibitively expensive. Even Tesla’s cheapest model—the Tesla Model 3—is more than many can afford, at around $35,000 US. Teslas can theoretically reduce pollution significantly, but we will be nowhere close to making an impact until the majority of drivers are in electric cars. The most sure-fire way to drop the price is to expedite and maximize their production process, but given the snafu with bringing the Model 3 to market, that is unlikely to be happening in the near future.

#4: More Charging Stations

No matter how good the Teslas built today are, gas and diesel cars still have one huge advantage: Range. Even if you drive one long and far enough, you will never be short of places to do a five-minute refill. Tesla could just focus on beefing up the range on the newer cars, which is in their game plan, but having more charging stations would have a much larger impact on people’s ability to travel around the country. On top of that, it will also go a long way toward making electric cars the norm. That being said, with those thirty-minute charge times… we’d say Tesla’s got their work cut out for them.

Companies like Google and Mercedes-Benz are pushing to develop a fully autonomous automotive. If Tesla wants to hold onto their position as the most technologically advanced car manufacturer in the world, this should be the next step. Should Tesla develop a system that is user friendly and safe, it could genuinely change the way we live. Teslas were some of the first cars to showcase assisted driving technology, so it’s logical that they take the next step toward full automation. In reality, though, we may be a long way off from this advance.

What real environmental good do electric cars do if their power still comes from coal burning plants? Tesla talks a big game about what it plans to accomplish, but their most game-changing technology might be to pivot the company from a car manufacturer to an energy company. Tesla has introduced home battery systems and solar roof panels, but this may just be the beginning. Elon Musk has stated that Tesla is an energy company, and his ambitions are to use renewable energy to streamline electricity’s generation, storage, and usage. Tesla may very well be changing the way we drive, but if they play their cards right, it’s possible that they could change the world.

We’ve touched on this with previous entries, but the main thing people want when choosing a car is options. With only a handful of models, the current Tesla pickings are slim. If Tesla can improve manufacturing, and make good on their production ambitions, they would be able to pump out a greater range of more affordable cars. And to be frank, they’re going to have to, because other companies are getting into the electric game. Mercedes-Benz has ambitiously announced that by 2022, they intend to have all their vehicles available with electric motor options. The simple fact is if Telsa can’t keep up with other car-manufacturing giants, they risk being left in the dust.

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