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Top 10 Car Recyclers in Australia

List of Top 10 Car Recyclers & Dismantlers in Australia

By Nelson MichalPublished 2 months ago 7 min read
Car Dismantling Yard

Car recycling is a well-to-do business for auto-wrecking yards in Australia, so if you're searching on google for 'unwanted car recyclers' and 'car dismantling near me,' or you're selling an old car, truck, van, or another commercial vehicle, you're in luck!

We have picked our Top 10 Car Recyclers in Australia and shared them with you below.

Top 10 Car Recyclers & Dismantlers in Australia

Here are ten car recyclers in Australia that you can check out if your car has reached the end of its running life and you want to recycle.

1. Car Removals WA

  • Address: 8 Kitson Place Maddington, WA 6109
  • Phone: 04 4888 6826
  • Email: [email protected]

Car Removals WA is one of the top cash-for-car removals companies, and it deals with all makes and models. They offer excellent value for unwanted vehicles and pay top dollars on the spot. Trust them to give you the fairest deal for an unwanted car, including unregistered, junk, scrap, or old vehicles, and take out that old heap wherever it is located in WA – for free!

2. Car Cashiers

Car Cashiers is a leading car buyer in Perth. They pay instant cash for all vehicle makes and models and offer free car removal services. Dial the number above, and their car-removal team will be at your door quickly.

3. Qld Cash For Cars

Qld Cash For Cars is one of Brisbane's esteemed names in the auto recycling industry. It buys old unwanted cars of all models and ages. If you want to sell your unregistered vehicle, you can expect a reasonable price from Qld Cash For Cars.

You may visit the wrecking yard from 7 AM to 6 PM or get a free quote for your vehicle by phone or email.

4. Onyx Cash For Cars

  • Address: 41 Musgrave Rd, Coopers Plains QLD 4108, Australia
  • Phone: 07 2106 4030
  • Email: [email protected]

Onyx Cash For Cars buys vehicles like cars, vans, SUVs, 4WD, and others. They offer same-day removal, accept wrecked vehicles, and pay more than market value. Call their number and worry no more about document work.

5. Sydwreck

Sydwreck is a fully licensed auto wrecker, and you'll have peace of mind dealing with them. They will make it comfortable and secure to turn your worn car into cash quickly. You'll receive your cash the same day they get your vehicle.

If you're a used car parts buyer, you'll be happy to know that they offer a 90 Days warranty on all the parts you buy from them.

6. Sell My Car Sydney

If you want to sell a vehicle – even if it's unregistered or in any condition. We will buy any car, truck, van, ute, 4WD, and SUV. Call their number, and a car removal specialist will be there for you.

7. Suburban Cash For Cars

  • Address: 5 Glover Ave, Pooraka SA 5095, Australia
  • Phone: 0499 022 036
  • Email: [email protected]

Here's another car buyer that accepts all kinds of vehicles - unwanted, scrap, destroyed by an accident, junk, old, used, running, or not-running. They offer a same-day cash payment to customers and can send their tow drivers to your location from anywhere in Adelaide.

8. SA Wide Car Removal

SA Wide Car Removal is one of the best options when you're located in Winfield, SA. The company will tell you the value of your car right after you give them your vehicle details.

9. Any Cash For Cars

Any Cash For Cars is your best choice if you want to sell your old and unwanted vehicle with the least effort and maximum output. It accepts cars of all brands, including 4X4 vehicles.

10. Magic Cash for Cars

  • Address: 44 Horne St, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3029
  • Phone: 0434 787 340
  • Email: [email protected]

Magic Cash for Cars is one of VIC's oldest and most reputable companies. It offers cash for cars up to $13,999. They'll take your call any time of day and buy all kinds of vehicles anywhere in Melbourne. Magic Cash For Cars wrecks an average of 30 vehicles in its yard daily. It collects scraps from registered/unregistered, old vehicles and buys used cars of any brand, model, and age at the best price.

The Benefits of Car Recycling

Car recycling benefits people, the economy, and the environment, so the boom in the car-wrecking industry is not surprising. Here are just a few benefits we noted.

Car Recycling

1. Get more space

People often dispose of unwanted cars when they buy a new vehicle. They do this to make space. The same principle applies to land. Recycling cars involves taking them apart - this frees up a few feet. By doing this often, you can free up many hectares of land from old vehicles.

2. Reduces carbon emissions and saves energy

Cars are primarily made from steel. It can either be recycled or from mining. Recycling is more efficient than recycling, which consumes enormous amounts of energy. Steel smelting produces huge carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

Recycling steel can help reduce carbon dioxide equivalent by around two tones per ton of product.

3. Cost effective

Building new cars is enough to recycle steel from millions of unusable vehicles. Recycled steel can be used to reduce the amount of energy and materials required to produce new vehicles.

Around 25% of new Australian cars are made from recycled steel salvaged from yards.

4. Reductions in toxic substances and other pollutants

It is also hazardous for wildlife. The process causes soil erosion and releases pollutants into the ground, damaging animals, plants, and soil. Another reason to limit our steel mining!

Additionally, cars can contain toxic substances such as oil, tires, and batteries. If vehicles are left to deteriorate, hazardous substances can leach, which can cause damage to the environment and pose a threat to wildlife and plants. This harm is avoided by recycling at an approved center.

5. Protect nature by reducing landfill

Landfills contain a lot of things that could have been recycled but were not. The waste can leach toxic chemicals that pollute soil and groundwater. Also, packed landfill sites can cause organic materials to become compacted and release methane as they decompose. This is a greenhouse effect that negatively impacts the environment.

The Complete Car Recycling Process

Car Recycling Process

Why do professional recyclers need to be hired? As we've mentioned earlier, for recycling to be truly environment-friendly, it must be done by a pro. Here are some things your car does after you take it to them.

1. Thorough Inspection

Auto recyclers evaluate the vehicle in depth to determine its actual value. The car can be repaired or its parts recycled, depending upon which option is most profitable for the yard. Around 90% percent of vehicles in salvage yards can be dismantled and then recycled.

2. Dismantling

After determining that the vehicle cannot be repaired, auto recyclers drain fluids and dismantle them. All automobile parts, including the engine (transmission, tires, and batteries), are removed and cleaned to make them usable for recycling or reselling. Some fluids can be used again after filtration; the rest can be safely disposed of.

3. Auto Parts for Sale

Some car parts can be reused after their recovery. These reusable car parts are sold to car-part dealers and car owners who need replacements for worn parts.

4. Crushing

After recovering recyclable and reusable parts, the vehicle's rest is crushed. Most of the vehicle's components are plastic and some metals. The fastest way to store and dispose of the waste is to crush and shred these parts.

5. Takeaway

Car recycling can be a very serious business. It takes dedication, special skills, and knowledge of recycling and disposing of environmentally safe car parts.

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