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Throttle Position Sensor Failure Symptoms

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Knowing the signs of a faulty throttle position sensor may save you money on repairs, as well as poor fuel efficiency, slow acceleration and unpredictable idling. If you observe two or more of these indicators at the same time, look for a car service near me garage and schedule an appointment to get your vehicle repaired.

Thousands of system components work in unison to ensure that your vehicle's engine performs to its full potential, and the throttle position sensor (TPS) is one of those components that is sometimes neglected. The throttle body is an important part of fuel management since it controls the flow of air to the engine. The data acquired by the throttle position sensor, which allows it to monitor air into the engine, is used to calculate the exact quantity of fuel to inject into the engine at any given time.

Assume that the throttle position sensor and its associated partners do their jobs correctly. In such situation, your car will accelerate, coast, and cruise as expected, while maintaining optimal performance. When the throttle position sensor fails, however, you may notice symptoms of a faulty throttle position sensor, which include performance limits, poor fuel efficiency, and irregular idling, to mention a few. In this scenario, go online for a car service near me and schedule an appointment for your vehicle to be repaired by an expert.

The Signs and Symptoms of a Faulty Throttle Position Sensor

Different indications will appear on your car to alert you to a malfunctioning or damaged throttle position sensor. Some of these symptoms can also be caused by a blocked throttle body. Others, on the other hand, suggest a range of different engine issues. If you have two or more of these symptoms, you most likely have a bad throttle position sensor:

The Engine Management Light Turns On - During the internal combustion process, the throttle position sensor performs an important function. If this vehicle sensor fails, you'll notice a significant decrease in engine performance and rough acceleration. As a result, the ECU will identify the problem and illuminate the engine warning light on the dashboard. That way, you'll know whether your engine has a problem that has to be addressed. Look for trustworthy full car service near me garages to book your car with a professional.

Car won't accelerate or accelerates slowly - If your TPS is malfunctioning, your car may appear to not accelerate as quickly as it should and it may pause, jerk, or run unevenly. The vehicle's engine may accelerate quickly, but it lacks power. It may, on the other hand, accelerate suddenly while driving. If you observe these symptoms, there's a good possibility you've got a faulty throttle position sensor. If this is the case, the throttle position sensor will provide a false signal and your vehicle's ECU will be unable to correctly control the engine.

Rough Idle, Engine Stalling or Slow Idle - You could question if a "poor throttle position sensor causes misfire" if your engine is rough idling, stalls, or idles too slowly. If you detect engine misfire, stalling, or harsh idling when parked or stopped, it's likely that your throttle position sensor has failed. The RPM should be about 600-900 RPM when you start your car and let it idle. If your idle RPMs fall above or below that range, it means you're having irregular or harsh idling issues. “If it occurs in conjunction with one or more of the symptoms on the list, it can be traced back to a faulty throttle position sensor.” Search for vehicle service near me garage and let a car mechanic complete a full diagnostic check to repair the issue.

Poor fuel efficiency - Because the throttle position sensor is so important in ensuring a suitable air/fuel mixture for the combustion process, a false signal from a bad TPS can result in excess fuel being injected into the cylinders, resulting in Lean/Rich fuel mixture problems and poor fuel efficiency. The throttle position sensor provides precise signals to other sensor partners. If it fails, the sensors would deliver too little or too much airflow, which will result in excessive fuel economy. Always check your vehicle's 02 sensor if you notice excessive fuel use as it plays an important part in fuel mileage.

Problems with automatic transmission - ‘Can the throttle position sensor impact gearbox shifting?' you might wonder. Yes, of course. The throttle position sensor measures the amount of acceleration in an engine controlled by the gas pedal on the driver's side, which is situated far to the right on the floor. The throttle position sensor regulates the quantity of fuel that enters the engine, allowing the driver to calculate engine load and vehicle speed. If it fails, automatic transmissions may have difficulty shifting.

Car accelerates OK but won't go over a certain low speed - This is a frequent TPS failure issue, indicating that the TPS isn't providing enough power to the accelerator pedal. In this scenario, your car will idle and accelerate smoothly, but it will not surpass a low-speed limit of 25-35 MPH.

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