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This company is trying to end F1 drivers’ racing career.

by Anvay Mahajan about a year ago in racing
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Arrival of this is very much nearby.

Career at Stake

Lately while surfing on YouTube, I tumbled upon a video. After watching this video, I was in a very different phase, a dilemma where I was happy for the progress of science as well as sad for the demotion of drivers. Arrival, an automobile company who manufacture electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles posted a video of their test on their Artificial intelligence vehicle named ADS team. In the video they challenged Formula E world champion Lucas di Grassi to race against their AI operated car. The video was totally cool, with great cinematography and with awesome insights and behind the scenes on how they optimized the performance of the car.

Arrival Automobiles YouTube video. Not sponsored.

The main challenge was to create such a technology that will beat the Formula E world champion Lucas di Grassi in a time trial on various different tracks and conditions. Many of their engineers, designers and technical personals were interviewed in the video who explained about their electric vehicles, machine learning, their process of building the vehicle and their experiences. At the end of the video the AI powered car was just 0.33 seconds slower than Lucas di Grassi. The AI was such programmed that it tracked the two side ends of the road (as shown in the figure). This made the car to travel without cornering at apexes and curves. The AI was not much powerful and not programmed to adapt the track conditions for a time optimized race path. With an aim to learn Machine Learning in order to optimize the race track line the video ended.

Machine VS Human

At the end of the video, I had some thoughts. The whole point of racing started the moment there were two cars on the road. Racing was done between two automobile companies to showcase who has the fastest or most reliable car in the world. At the end of the video I thought, can it happen that every tech company start their own racing league. Like an AI racing. With the main aim to showcase who has the best artificial intelligence and autonomous cars in the world.

Every Formula 1 team has some IT company sponsoring for their statistics work. Red Bull is sponsored by Oracle, Alpine by Microsoft, Aston Martin by Cognizant and the whole Formula 1 is powered by AWS. Would it happen in the future that there is an autonomous car racing series sponsored by for example Cognizant or Tata Consultancy Services. For example, the name would be Cognizant Racing Team where Cognizant would be AI sponsors and the vehicle sponsors would be Aston Martin who would also be their title sponsors or something. Many visionary companies like Tesla and Arrival would have their own independent teams as they have both cars and autonomous technology.

Formula teams sponsored by tech giants

Many of the automotive giants have already entered the electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles market. Companies like Honda and Mercedes are the prime examples. All these racing series would bring greater job opportunities in the field of data science, machine learning, cyber securities, electronics, signaling and many more. Cars would adapt themselves on their own to the road conditions and would also decide when to change the tires.

Arrival logo

With this the only people who are going to be affected are the drivers. The Arrival AI powered car was just 0.33 seconds slower than Lucas. This means they are very near to the success. But establishing the whole thing would take many years. Until then drivers should enjoy the time of their life. A point to be remember is that every time when there was one job taken away another appeared as an alternative. AI has beaten us in a chess grandmaster, but still, we play the game for the next grandmaster. Until tomorrow, don’t worry. And Best of Luck to Arrival.


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Anvay Mahajan

Auto writer and journalist. Love for Senna and McLaren.

My LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/anvay-mah.

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