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Third time is not a Charm

Mischievous Benz's

Third time is not a Charm
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Bought a 2011 Mercedes Benz S550 and was loving life. This was Circa 2014. Out and about everywhere. At the time I also had a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe, my first ever full car purchase. As normal, living in NYC, the Tahoe had racked up some parking tickets. Oh, I don't know, about $3500 worth of tickets. Lol. In New York, over $350 in tickets wins a tow or boot, where you would have to pay the outstanding balance and the $185 towing fee. Needless to say I knew they would come for my car, so I started hiding them far from where I live. I'm in the 230's, started parking on 207st, yes 23 blocks away. I garaged the Benz there and would park the Tahoe on the street. All was good, i started paying down some of that debt, until one evening at work. From the parking lot at work, Bay Plaza Mall, they towed my Benz. They found me, lol. 11:30pm and I was like, 'Ok, I know I parked here.' I knew they had finally found me and instead of finding the Tahoe, the found the Benz, f..k!!!!!! I now had a week to pay the $3500 or they would auction off the Benz. That they did, sold for $27000, took their $3500 and send me the $23500. I still owed $22500 to the bank. Lost my Benz and got $1000 in return. What a mess.

Lets fast forward to 2017, a vehicle stops short and I rear-end them with my lone car, the ever trustworthy Tahoe. The angle I rear-end them they're car is ok, my Tahoe starts leaking and can't even start up again. Assess the damages and it came out to $7500 to fix. The Tahoe is worth about $4500 at this point. You already know, declared total loss. I take the $4500 and put down on a beautiful 2010 Mercedes Benz E350. All is good for awhile. Suddenly I receive a notice from the DMV, uh oh. I had pushed back numerous moving violation court dates and forgot to show up to those dates. Guilty on nearly 8 violations, full fine and full points. 15 points on my license now. Immediate 30 day suspension. Received notification for a second moving violation, judge gave me another 30 day suspension after that. I removed my plates and garaged my car, since i wasn't going to drive it. DMV sends me a letter that I haven't had continuous Auto Insurance coverage, which is true. I advised them I had removed the plates and car was now in storage. This was not enough, they suspended my license for 6 months. None of this mattered as i was not going to drive period. With the 15 points on my license, I am considered uninsurable. If I wanted insurance I would have to pay. Quotes were at $650-$700 per month. F..k that, I'm not driving. E350 remains shutdown.

Fast forward again to this year. I get a few insurance quotes at $250-$300 and I'm thinking, yessssss, I'm back. Now i have 13 points on my license because of taking a defensive driving course. I'm back in the market, let me take out my E350. But now I want to trade it in for a beautiful 2008 S550 AMG sport package. Thinking to myself everything is going to be different. This is my third Benz. Third times a charm, you know the saying. Not for me. I was rear-ended the same week I purchased the vehicle. Vehicle was about $13000, the damages were $20000, fml. Total F'n loss. Now some very good things have developed since this accident. All in my favor as, the other party admitted full guilt and his insurance is covering everything. But I am definitely taking a break from all this car mess. Until, next year, when most of my points come off due to their 4 years expiration. Most of my violations were from an awesome summer in 2017, lol.

The End......or is it?

fact or fiction
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