Things You Should Not Be Doing While Painting Your Car

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Things You Should Not Be Doing While Painting Your Car
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If you see a painted car, there can be two possibilities about it: either the owner loves painting his vehicle, or the condition of the car has worn out that eventually demanded a repaint. In the latter case, fixing the headlight and paint restoration works best to give your car a new refurbed look.

In either case, generally, people contact pit shops or professionals to get their car painted. So, here are some blunders they must avoid giving their vehicles a fresh look.

Don’t Leave the Paint Shop Immediately

As soon as your work is done, take your car in broad daylight to look out the defects that may need a rework. In case you find any, wait for car paint to dry completely before fixing the fault.

Moreover, you have to take good care of your newly painted car to protect it from dust and other contaminants.

To do so, cover your car with an automotive wrap that would allow air between the film and the surface of the car. Also, it will protect it from the external environment.

Don’t Wash the Car Immediately

You will be surprised to know that many people take their freshly painted vehicle to a car wash. Do not even think about this because fresh paints need strict curing. Also, you should not use soap on your car for a month after painting.

If you feel that it’s mandatory to wash it, then take it home and rinse just with cold water. Also, use microfiber mitt to clean the car.

Avoid Unnecessary Drives

If you will take your freshly painted car for long, unnecessary rides, it will definitely open up your newly painted car to harsh environmental conditions before it is fully dried. Leave your car in the garage for at least two months.

Drive only during urgency. Try to take your car out during fair weather conditions if you are using it between those two months.

Don’t Wax Your Car

Many people believe that waxing a newly painted automobile is harmless. They think that it will protect the paint. The expense for another paint work on your vehicle can rely upon numerous factors, including prep work required, the quantity of parts that should be painted, and the nature of the paint you pick. When requesting a gauge on the all out expense, make certain to request that the shop incorporate the prep work. Furthermore, on the off chance that you wish for the shop to fix any dings or scratches, that should be considered. Remember that while you may need only one section painted, you may need to have various parts secured to guarantee the new outside looks proficient and high caliber.

Don’t rely on this myth unless a professional person advises you. If you are waxing your freshly painted car, it will block the color from going through the gassing process. So, try to be patient and wait until the car is fully cured.

Never Park It Outdoors or Under A Tree

This can result in severe and unsightly damages. Additionally, the sap of the tree, bird droppings, and acid rain can damage your new paint car badly.

Further, any dramatic changes in weather can also affect the curing and paint adhesion process. During this curing period, keep your car in your garage or at least under proper shelter.


Painting your car means you are giving a brand new look to your car. Also, try contacting the best headlight restoration services in Mount Pleasant SC to get your car painted. They will serve you in the best way. Their work is satisfactory and long-lasting.

The car starts glowing after painting, for that you have to keep it secure and follow the above instruction for newly painted cars.

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