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The Trouble Issue of Mercedes Alternator Failure: Causes, Symptoms, & Solutions

Mercedes Alternator Failure

By Solo Motorsports AlpharettaPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Is there a shrilling sound coming from under the hood of your Mercedes??? It may have something to do with the alternator. Yup, you read that right… The alternator, if acting up, will give off a very peculiar noise. In addition to the noise, a defective alternator will exhibit an array of whole different signs that we think as a car owner you should be aware of.

We intend to give you detailed information about the causes and signs of alternator failure in Mercedes through this blog post. It is therefore important that you read this blog post all the way through.

Mercedes Alternator Failure: Possible Culprits

Nothing, not even our universe, can last forever… this is true for a car alternator too. After all, it is a minor component designed to generate electricity so that the automotive battery can be properly recharged. There are many different things that can go wrong with your Mercedes alternator; issues related to old age are most prominent.

Apart from age, lack of maintenance and other user-related activities can also contribute to alternator failure in a vehicle. It is important to note that if the alternator comes in contact with motor oil or power steering fluid, it will malfunction. It has been found that incorrect use of jumper a cable, and belt-related flaws can also contribute to alternator malfunction in cars.

In short, being a mechanical part, the alternator is not immune to technical glitches. And, guess what??? Alternator failure brings a tsunami of electrical problems. Knowing when your Mercedes alternator is behaving strangely can save you big bucks. So, how can you know if there is something wrong with your vehicle’s alternator??? The discussion given below will help you in this regard.

Clues Your Mercedes Alternator Is About To Give Up

Pointer #1- Flashing battery light

The thing about the alternator is that it’s the heart of your vehicle’s charging system. This is the part where the electricity needed to keep your car's electrical equipment running is generated. The onboard computer runs diagnostic checks to make sure everything is OK with the alternator and other vital parts of the vehicle's charging system. If something goes wrong with the alternator, the computer will activate the battery light.

Pointer #2- Car lights flickering

More often than not… flickering or dim lights indicate a battery problem in the vehicle. But if there is something wrong with the alternator or any other major part of the charging system like the voltage regulator, the car's lights and other electrical components will have trouble operating. You must act promptly to get to the bottom of the whole issue and get it fixed. Because leaving the issue undiagnosed can contribute to a whole host of different electrical problems in your Mercedes.

Pointer #3- Car struggles to start

Another worth mentioning sign of alternator failure in a vehicle is slow cranking. Look... it's not like the alternator has anything to do with engine cranking. But it’s the only component that generates electricity in a car and for the engine to start operating electricity is necessary. If for some reason the alternator fails or there is a fault somewhere in the charging system, there will not be enough electricity available to start the car's engine.

Pointer #4- Odd noise

As we mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, if there is something wrong with your Mercedes' alternator, a particularly strange noise will come from under the hood. As soon as you notice something like this, you should immediately take your Mercedes to the nearest European auto service center so that the problem can be fixed in time. Not doing anything about the noise can contribute to a whole range of different problems including permanent engine damage.

Bottom Line

To put it in a nutshell, the alternator is at the center of your Mercedes' charging system. It ensures that there is enough power available for all the electrical components in your vehicle. If it gives up, the entire electrical system of your vehicle will come to a standstill. And guess what??? You won't even be able to breathe life into the engine. So, if you notice something strange with your Mercedes alternator, don't take it lightly. Find out what exactly is wrong with it and act accordingly.


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