The Tell-Tale Signs That Your Transmission Needs a Transmission Service

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Keep the car's transmission in mint condition for a smooth ride.

The Tell-Tale Signs That Your Transmission Needs a Transmission Service

First of all, you need to know what a transmission system is in your vehicle. Transmission, also known as the drivetrain, is a set of components in your vehicle that are responsible for transmitting power from the engine or the motor to the wheels. Thus, the name: Transmission. Without proper transmission or if your transmission is not working properly, your vehicle would start to malfunction. Your vehicle might be working fine and generating lot of power, but with a faulty transmission, the power generated by the engine would never reach the wheels, and you will not get anywhere.

Transmission Service

So, you can understand the importance that lies in having a well-tuned and functioning transmission. It is necessary therefore to have your transmission regularly serviced and flushed. But how can you tell if it is time to get your transmission serviced? There are certain tell-tale signs that are like indicators that you should get your transmission either serviced, flushed or even better, get a Total Flush.

Points that Indicate That it’s Time for a Transmission Service or Flush :

There are certain common indicators signifying that a transmission service in indeed required, otherwise your transmission could get damaged. It must be noted that getting a transmission repaired is a costly affair and also is a tedious process that takes a long time to complete.

1. Weird whining sounds coming from the transmission (transmission grinding):

Transmission grinding is a situation wherein the transmission is plagued with sludge, or there are impurities in the transmission fluid. The contaminants in the transmission fluid may include sludge, dirt, grease etc. Due to these contaminants, the transmission makes weird noises and the presence of these contaminants in the transmission can damage the drive train. In order to confirm the presence of any contaminants, you need to stop the vehicle while you must keep the engine running. Then you must check the transmission fluid level. The transmission fluid is supposed to be bright red in color. If the transmission fluid is not in sufficient quantity, then transmission service is required. However, if the color of the transmission is brown or black, then it would suggest that the transmission is plagued with contaminants, and a transmission flush is required.

2. Gear shifting problems and gear slipping;

It is important for your transmission to have clean fluid, otherwise the list of troubles that would ensue are enormous. Though you can rest assured that if your transmission does have any issues such as unclean fluid, then you will face varied symptoms such as transmission grinding, gear shifting issues and gear slipping. In the absence of sufficient amount of transmission fluid or presence of contaminants in transmission fluid, it would result in problems in changing gears as well as the gear slipping to neutral. Due to contaminants, the response from the transmission would be sluggish, and also there won’t be enough power in hydraulics of the transmission to keep the transmission in the right gear.

3. Delay in Pickup:

Due to insufficient levels of transmission fluids in the transmission or due to the presence of contaminants in the transmission fluids, you might face a scenario wherein the car does not accelerate as swiftly as it should. The delay may be momentary or it may be a longer delay. The duration of delay may suggest the level of contamination that the transmission fluid is plagued with. A transmission service or flush would go a great deal in curbing this issue.

These simple tell-tale signs are easy to spot, and if identified on time, can help you maintain your car in optimum condition.

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