The Importance of New Car Maintenance to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

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Good car maintenance is the life of your vehicle, and you will save yourself many headaches if you keep this in mind.

The Importance of New Car Maintenance to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Having a new car is a very exciting achievement. After what were probably months of planning and researching, you get to drive your new ride and get everywhere you want faster and feeling comfortable. However, if you want this feeling to last, then you should be seriously invested in the maintenance of your car. Good car maintenance is the life of your vehicle, and you will save yourself many headaches if you keep this in mind. And remember, this is a way to solve issues that might come up, but it's also a way to prevent them.

1. Read the Manual

It seems like such a basic thing, yet the majority of people skip this important step. You don’t have to read the entire manual, but you should see what the general and specific maintenance intervals are. This will give you a better idea of how often you should change the engine oil, and after how many miles you should check your breaks. Write these things down so that you always have them handy.

2. Stay Vigilant of the Tire Pressure

You might have decided to make your car look even better with some custom rims, but are you checking the tire pressure too? Those wheels are not going to look good if your tires are leaking. Furthermore, they might even get damaged. The correct pressure is approximately 30 PSI, and it’s better to measure it when your tires are “cold”. This means the car has been parked or you haven’t been driving for too long. If the pressure is under or above the correct number, this could have an impact on the suspension system, which will have serious consequences for your vehicle.

3. Perform Brake Fluid Checks Monthly

The brakes are some of the most important parts of your car, and you want them to be working smoothly and for them to last as long as possible. Making sure the fluid is clean and lubricating the brake system is instrumental for this. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot more money replacing your brakes before it was truly necessary.

4. Filters Must Be Clean

One of the parts that have the shortest lifetime is the air filter. This is because it gets clogged, which stops it from doing its job. The air filter is there to protect the engine from dirt and loose particles. Therefore, if the filter is completely clogged, you might start feeling it in the workings of your car. Air filter changes are recommended at least every 12,000 miles or every 12 months. Changing this part takes all of 10 minutes, so maybe you can consider learning how to do it yourself.

5. Make Sure Your Engine Oil Is Clean

This is one of the easiest things to check, and also one of the most important ones. For the correct work of your engine, you should always use the right oil, which is stated in your car’s manual. If you see that your oil has impurities or it’s turning darker when you check it, it’s time to go in for an oil check. Remember, this is vital. Thick and dirty oil will cause great damage to your engine, which could lead you to spend thousands fixing it when this could’ve been prevented.

6. Keep It Clean

It doesn’t sound like an extremely important thing, keeping your car clean. But this goes way beyond the cosmetics and looks great in your ride. Dirt, bird droppings, and other elements can cause stains and scratches to your car, which could’ve been avoided by washing it. Also, you want to make sure the undercarriage is clean too, especially after a road trip. Road salt can cause damage to it, but you can prevent it easily. Try to wash your car at least once a week, and you can even finish the job with a good waxing.

7. Check Your Battery

Batteries usually need to be changed once a year or every other year. This is the thing that gives power to all the electrical things in your car, and it’s hard for it to work without it. In some cases, it’s simply impossible. Therefore, you must make sure it’s working correctly once its expiration time nears. This is the best way to avoid ending up stranded when you least expect it.

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