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The Cybertruck

by James Crawford about a year ago in electric

My thoughts, feelings and such

Now You Know's Cybertruck In Depth Video (Post Unveil)

At last. The cybertruck (or "CYBRTRK") has been unveiled. I was once of the many hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, that pushed past their normal bedtime hours due to the overwhelming excitement.

The pre-event

Building up to the launch, the Hawthorne design studio grounds was alive and thriving with much cyberpunk attire, Blade Runner car replicas and... a Tesla Coil. Of course, there was a Tesla coil. Once they started setting rods on fire, everyone was cheering and/or hysterically laughing in amazement. The Back to the Future replica Delorean was there also to reference the eventually-revealed angular, blocky design of the cyberpunk/80s truck.

I mostly followed Zack and Jessy's live streams up until Tesla's live stream went live:

The unveil

Once Tesla's stream was up, I was on that like hotcakes. It was hard not to get lost in the overwhelming hype brought on by the laser light show and bloody red backlighting... the cyberpunk feels were real. Even the holographic "cyber girl" was a nice addition to the show's initiation; since I'm married, I'll stop here with the female acknowledgment. Elon didn't waste any time upon strolling out on the stage either. It was only a couple minutes into the show when the long-awaited truck presented itself (well, with the help of human drivers) before highly-eager "Tesla people."

At first, not the whole audience was in a roar... some, as predicted, was not a fan of the blocky Blade Runner look. Confession time: I too had mixed emotions upon the initial glace. It was almost too blocky for me... and I love this stuff. However, once Elon showed the brutality of the cold-rolled stainless steel (yes, the SpaceX starship stuff) exoskeleton, I was starting to warm up to it. Once spec after spec was either rattled off and/or shown with visual representation (that F-150 towing match tho), I was warming up to the truck all the more. Finally, in Tesla fashion, there was "one more thing."

What was this "one more thing"?

As these words left his enthusiastic lips, they were followed by something along the lines of "we also made an ATV." At that moment, a similarly-designed cyberpunk ATV drove out. Once they lowered the air suspensions, the tailgate and pulled out the included ramp... driving the ATV onto the truck bed was NBD (no big deal). This is when I, along with others, lost it. Nobody was expecting an ATV! Also, I really want one.

The rides

Being a reasonably-dedicated YouTube subscriber, I followed up with Zack and Jessy's (now archived) live streams of their rides in the cybertruck:

Overall, the experience seemed mesmerizing. I'm truly in love with the interior of the truck, as little as you see. The new UI (user interface) on the 17" center display was very sleek and appealing to the eye. You also see the 0-60 time in action; I also felt like I was in the front seat on Jessy's stream.

So, am I disappointed in the end result? Not really. No, seriously. It met, and exceeded in some areas, what Elon promised and teased for some time now. My hype for the futuristic vehicle as I write this article is still quite strong. Someday, when I finally have a house to call home, I'll have that solar setup with power walls, Starlink internet and probably a Tesla of some sort. Even if it's just the ATV!

Side note: I'll also have a 3D printer(s). The numeric value of printers will vary depending on what I can do with one printer in the future.

This coming decade will be amazing...

James Crawford
James Crawford
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