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The Caravan Life: Why Your Tires Matter and Where You Can Get Them

by Jen Hensey about a year ago in travel

The longer your travel plans are, the sturdier your wheels and tires should be.

If you have ever been on the road for long haul drives, you know how vital sturdy and reliable wheels are to your travel. The longer your travel plans are, the sturdier your wheels and tires should be.

Another consideration to keep in mind is keeping an extra tire for spare.

If you are new to the caravan life, you might want to know more about what wheels are all about- how they work and how they could be maintained better. This knowledge could bring you a long way into your journey.

What is a Wheel Made Up Of?

There are at least four primary parts of a regular wheel for a caravan, a camper or any vehicle designed for long hours and distance of driving:


The rim is the outer edge that holds the tire. This is the frame that makes the circular design if the wheel. This is the inside skeleton of the wheel that serves as the base for the entire strength of the wheel. The tire serves as the inside edge of the tire. It is the hoop that is attached to the spokes of the wheel.

Together with the It carries the weight of the vehicle and everything in it. Because of this, the ratio between the weight of your vehicle and the assumed weight of the passengers that it can carry is supposed to be measured against the weight of the rim.

When it comes to caravans, rims are supposed to take a sturdier form especially that the vehicle it carries doubles as a home on the road.

The most common rims are made up of sturdy iron. When engaging in a long journey, the rim of your wheel would define the smoothness of your travel. Hence, if you are merely transforming a van to serve as your caravan, you need to make sure that the rim would be capable of carrying the weight and taking the pressure directly during your travel.


The hub is where the bearing of the wheel is housed. It is where the spokes meet. It basically sets that balance and aids in faster mobility and control of the wheel.

There are wheels that do not have hubs at all. While this may be an accepted wheel design, there are those who favour wheels with hubs, especially when it comes to supporting caravans in long travels. The hub helps in improving the tolerance of the wheel to long term pressure and tension- especially when going through different terrains.


The spokes are the rods that radiate from the centre of the wheel connecting the hub with the rim. These rods are added into the structure to balance out the weight and pressure throughout the wheel’s circumference. The spokes support the rim to remain in shape even when going through irregular terrains. When going on a long trip, the spokes make it easier for the tension to be distributed evenly through the wheel.


The tire is the rubber fitting that serves as the overall cover of the wheel. It is ring-shaped and is considered as the shock absorber of the wheel. It allows the rim and the whole structure of the wheel to stay sturdy through all the tension that the vehicle goes through during the whole journey.

Tires are often made of hardened and thick rubber, making the whole setup more capable of handling different rates of pressure from both the internal and external factors affecting the weight and mobility of the vehicle.

Our Recommendation

Buying a good set of wheels for any vehicle is considered as an essential investment for anyone who wants to embrace the caravan life. At the same time, having a spare tire or spare wheel to support possible emergencies is a critical part of keeping your travel safe and well-prepared.

Caravan parts sellers often offer whole wheel setup sold by the piece or by set depending on your demand.

Some sell different parts as needed. There are various sizes of rims from choices of 8”, 10”, 12” and 13”. Again, as mentioned earlier, picking the right rim of the wheel that you are to use in your caravan should be dependent on the weight of your vehicle and the assumed weight of passengers, and everything else in the caravan. If you are not sure about how to decide on this matter, it is best to get the advice of experts on the subject.

Caravan part sellers are often knowledgeable about the wheels that are best for your vehicle, your camper, or your caravan. From a series of successful experiences with other customers in the past, good caravan part sellers both online and offline are capable of giving you that most needed advice in picking the right wheel for your vehicle and your targeted length of travel.


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