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Sports That Require Amazing Vehicles

Interesting Sport Vehicles

Sports That Require Amazing Vehicles

When we think of sports, rarely do we bring up sports that require vehicles as the main tool. In fact, most of us only think of the so-called "Big Four" sports that include the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL. However, the reality of the situation is that there are far more sports that require amazing vehicles as the main attraction. For that matter, these vehicle sports branch out in a way that the main sports simply do not. In addition to this, these sports are only getting more popular on a global scale. In fact, one of these sports holds an annual event that brings in millions of dollars in revenue in just that one event. As we can see, this is the pinnacle of sports that require vehicles. Nonetheless, the others are just as entertaining. Also, let's not forget how incredible the vehicles being used for these sports are. Close examination of these vehicles will show that they are true mechanical and engineering masterpieces. They have to be, in order to perform at the highest level. In any event, let's talk about five of the best sports that require amazing vehicles.

#5: Nascar

When we get into the discussion of the most popular sports that require vehicles, one of which that will always come up is Nascar. In fact, it is arguably the most popular racing sport there is, up there with the formula one. The interesting thing about Nascar, apart from its amazing vehicles, is the fact that it takes a toll on the body just like any other contact sport would. Even though it mainly requires the driver to sit in the car, the constant bumping, rumbling, and passing that it takes is enough to drain any human.

#4: Motocross Quad Racing

As mentioned before, these types of sports branch out unlike any other sport does. While sports such as the MLB and NBA branch out into smaller developmental areas, vehicle sports branch out into separate professional racing leagues. That being said, one of the more popular branched out sports with amazing vehicles in them is Motocross Quad Racing. Quite obviously, this sport requires tuned and upgraded four-wheeler quads as the main tool to win. The performance that these vehicles are able to produce in their area is certainly up there among the best vehicles in the world.

#3: BMX Dirt Bike Racing

Similar to Motocross Quad Racing, the BMX is perhaps the most popular branched out vehicle sport of all time. While it is derived from Motocross Racing, the BMX mainly uses dirt bikes as the main vehicle in use. Also similar to four-wheeler quads, the abilities of dirt bikes in the BMX are truly astonishing. The amount of speed and agility with which these vehicles perform allows for high flying and amazing events. What makes it even better is that it bunches racers up in one race. This usually leads to entertaining chaos in the track.

#2: FIA Racing Series

Having already discussed sports that involve vehicles such as fast cars, quads, and dirt bikes, another unique sport that doesn't require those types of vehicles is the FIA Racing Series. Apart from those vehicles, the FIA uses new trucks as the main tool. More than anything, this unique and interesting choice of vehicle is the main reason why it is a popular sport, and one of the fastest rising branches. Moreover, imagine how difficult it must be for a professional truck racer to maneuver such a giant vehicle.

#1: Formula One Racing

If we had to give the list of the most popular racing sport of all time, that sport would be Formula One. Not only is it the biggest on a global scale with events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, it easily has some of the finest, marvelous pieces of vehicle technology ever seen.

Craig Middleton
Craig Middleton
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