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Selection of your car's colour

by Manik Roy 2 months ago in design
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Explore the colour power for your car

Selection of your car's colour
Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash

The influence of colour in our life is huge. The reason is that it built our body with cosmic particles, which are colourful and effective as well. Actually, in our body, colour works in such a way that it gives a great impact on our selection procedure. What happens is that colour works on selection and look. Therefore, you will take the power of colour seriously. When you are going to buy a car for yourself, then you have to select the right car colour for you.

We observed that the right colour selection gives a tremendous benefit to the car rider. The reason is that colour is generally worked on the human mind and body. The reason is that color has a unique vibration in the human mind and body, which works subconsciously. Therefore, you will never feel that it is working on your selection process. As far as car color is concerned, one interesting point you will feel is that when you will sit in your new car for the first time, then it will reorient your mind for a moment and it is only possible for colour vibration. The reason is that when the light of color first enters the eye after that; it transforms into electrical energy as well. So, your brain impulse will be influenced by colour as well.

Another point you have to keep in your mind is that colour never lies. Rather, it will guide you to make a better selection. When you are buying your car, then you should keep in your mind that your car color should not create any awkward impact on anybody on the road. It is very much vital for your consideration as well. Another point you should know is that your car colour will represent you in society in such a way that who you are and how much you are happy in your living as well.


In mythology, black is always the choice of demons. So, black is indicated evil, and it harms the human mind. The reason is that black is not a color, and it is a shadow of the hues as well. So when you are going to select your car colour, then you should try to avoid black colour. Another point you have to consider is that black is highly accident-prone. The reason is that black easily blends with the darkness, particularly at night. Therefore, it is better to avoid your car as well. Generally, black signifies professional, narrow-minded and conservative as well. If your profession belongs to the evil motive, then you can select this colour without any doubt.


In real life, you will see that the red colour belongs to the blood. Moreover, if you think deeply, then it indicates aggressive is indicated red. When you select your car colour as red, then your personality should be equalled with red. Otherwise, your living with your car will be different. Moreover, red ooze energy and lust for life.


The blue colour car will signify that its owner is very much quiet and dependable. Therefore, for general-purpose well-being, you can select this colour for your car as well. Even, it indicates that its owner has a dependable nature. Therefore, in this connection, the blue-coloured car is suitable for family and business as well. You should know that it is a very much safe colour for any occasion as well.


Yellow is a sign of youthfulness. Therefore, if it is your first car in your life and your age is young, then you should not resist this temptation about the yellow colour of your car as well. Yellow infuses intelligence and is upbeat in the owner's mind as well. Therefore, it is a rare colour, which not everybody would like to use it. The reason is that it is very bright and eye-catching for any age. Therefore, if you like to buy a yellow-coloured car, then you have to measure your mind. The reason is that if your mind is young although you are old, then the yellow color will give you a unique experience.


We rarely use green in car colour selection. The reason is that the car owner did not well accept it. The main reason is that green indicates trustworthiness, tradition and balanced. You will see the green-coloured car rare in our society. The main reason is that green is omnipresent. So that we generally do not like to use green colour for our car.


Silver is a sophisticated colour for any individual. The reason is that this color has a unique power to hide the inner turmoil of any individual. If you are cool, elegant and futuristic, then you can choose this colour for your car as well. It is a very much safe colour for driving in the darkness. The reason is that it has a peculiar reflective nature in the darkness if it gets a slight light source. In addition, it is the most popular colour for any car owner. Moreover, it is a safe colour for the confused mind regarding the colour selection as well.

So, you should choose your car colour after judging your personality and profession as well. Even, you will see that if your selection is good, then you will get positive feedback from every quarter as well.


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  • Rick Henry2 months ago

    I enjoyed this read. Thank you. My first car, at age 17, was yellow. But, I only had it for about 16 month... Crazy young Rick crashed and totalled the car. My second car, I purchased in early 1979 age 19, was a huge 8 cylinder gas guzzling muscle car - a beautiful 1977 Monte Carlo in a metallic light blue. I loved that car. After that all my cars have either been white (which was not in your article) or silver.

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