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Rectifying Limousine Myths: Prove Them Wrong

How myths are solidified about limousines?

In the modern world, at the age of digitization, it is common to spread information that will create chaos and havoc on a massive scale. People were safe from such rumors back in the day with no modern tool to corrupt their minds whatsoever. But now if we swipe through our surroundings everything is surrounded by a series of myths (or rumors).

Businesses fall apart, and like any other service, limousines had been surrounded by such rumors also. It’s not surprising to see that limousines have always been considered as a debacle of truth and lies revolving around it.

How myths are solidified about limousines?

Sometimes a myth has a strong background, as they say where there's smoke there's fire too, but sometimes the misconception of a particular thing may rise because grapes are just sour.

Such was the belief spin around limousines. Too expensive to buy and too expensive to even rent out, it was a dream ride of many owned by just a few figures. Who were those figures? Television personalities, celebrities, politicians, presidents, etc. they made quite a public impact with the four-wheel asset and boasting it around (as one can see now) had a strong impact.

Too expense is equal to Limousine

If you had a chance to travel to Canada, you must have seen a vehicle running around the streets in Toronto. One thing that can be assured Airport Limo is affordable in that region and seen on several occasions moving around as if they own the place.

Hard to believe my friend, but it’s true. Therefore the common misconception is limousines are way too expensive to afford to even rent out. Obviously (as mentioned earlier) it is understandable how the rumors started but the price factor at the early stage was another nail on the shelf. A limo can accommodate many people therefore it is easy to say that it is not that expensive at all.

Only for the business world

Yes, another misconception at the time. It does sound similar to Blackberry mobile phones when they targeted business niche only and it was easy to imagine every businessman having a Blackberry phone. Similarly, limousines were associated with business class only. Although there are customers now who hire limo services back and forth these days.

Nowadays, hiring a limousine service for vacation or traveling from one region to another is pretty common. Especially in Ontario and GTA, one can put their hands-on service with affordable pricing. The stress-free ride is only for high-class personnel, and therefore they have the “right” to deserve ride is total cliché. Yes, it is convenient for businessmen because of its easy to ride style but it is not reserved only for working personnel.

No training for chauffeurs

A common myth, that chauffeurs are a fuss in a muss. They do not act properly, have short tempers and lack the idea of how to navigate the streets. But how can you think that a luxury vehicle is without properly trained license manpower?

A chauffeur is a highly trained professional with years of experience. A chauffeur’s purpose is not only to drive but also to assist the rider during the duration of the ride. They are well trained on how to improvise in the situation, in case anything goes wrong. So if you ever wonder if your driver had proper training or not? Well, he does.

Nothing is ever black and white

Monotone colors are the only available colors for a limousine as one believes. But sorry to break your heart, it's a big NO. Other colors are available but like any other vehicle, colors can be customized in a limousine as well.

Almost every other vehicle oriented colors are available in limousines. For high school proms often one can see a pink or even purple limousine! It’s ironic but yes it’s unique other than white and black. So you can find a limo in a color you want for any special occasion either. It not only white and black it's a colorful entourage you can choose from.

Stretch Limo is not only for passengers

The concept of limousine revolves around the fact that it’s a luxury vehicle with lots of space to be filled by passengers. Sure, from the outside, it's gigantic and if you imagine the inside interior you have a lot of room too but you should know this too a lot is going on inside of the limousine.

An entire console of features is installed inside, with fitted bars, music, light systems, mini-fridge, LEDs, etc. you get the idea so it requires space too. It does means that the designated number of passengers becomes restricted.

Let's hope it clears things out in the best way possible. Before passing judgment, learning important facts on your own is rather important.

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Sarah Marry
Sarah Marry
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