Planning to Send Your Car to a Wrecker? Make Sure You Read These Important Tips

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If you are planning to sell your car to the wrecker then there are perhaps a few important things which you should consider.

Planning to Send Your Car to a Wrecker? Make Sure You Read These Important Tips

If you are planning to sell your car to the wrecker then there are perhaps a few important things which you should consider. We have listed them down to make it simple for you.

Remove all your personal belongings

If you have been using the car for a long time, then it might have a lot of things accumulated in it. You might not even know where you have kept them over the years. This is why you should do a thorough check and deep cleaning of your car before you give it away! At times, when people are getting rid of their old car, it can be tempting to just leave all the unwanted belongings in it. But hey! Your old car is certainly not a dumpster. Moreover, by keeping the litter around, you are only making it difficult for the car wreckers. And have you thought about all the things that you might not even know were in your car? How about making an effort to look for them before your car is unavailable for you.

Make it a point to look at unusual places such as under the floor mats, behind the seat and the like. In case you have a CD player, you should remove all the disks from it. Apart from belongings, you might have even kept some important paperwork in the car. For instance, the insurance card. Now you cannot take the risk of leaving that behind, as it contains your personal information. Make it a point to remove all these things, and to ensure that the car is completely devoid of them.

Doing the transfer formalities

Giving your car away doesn’t end with handing it over to the salvage yard. You have to cancel the insurance of your car, and also return the license plates. Moreover, you need to transfer the ownership of the car to the salvage yard. This is a very important step, because if you don’t do so, then you will have to bear the liabilities of the car as you are technically the owner. At times, the cars are found lying in remote locations with no one being able to identify it because of the absence of the paperwork. In case you don’t know what the formalities are, you can always inquire with the motor vehicle department. Don’t go ahead if you are not sure about the formalities.

Check if you can sell any valuables

When you make a deal with the salvage yard you are supposed to give away the car in the exact condition as you promised before. So after you get to know the price, you should see whether it is good enough or not. If you feel that the cost offered is less than you want, you might as well sell the components of your car. For instance, if the battery installed was new enough, then buyers would be interested in it. Similarly, you can take out the good tires from the car, and install cheaper ones to then sell off the expensive tires. Things like a GPS and a stereo system can be removed as well.

Use all the gasoline

If you are using the car until the last moment before you sell it off, then you might as well utilize the gasoline. You might wonder that giving the car with gasoline will increase the cost at which you sell the car, but that is not the case. When you give your car to wreckers in gold coast they will anyway have to remove the gasoline, so that they can start scrapping the parts. Isn’t it better that you will retain the gasoline with you? Be very careful while taking the gasoline out, and only store them in containers which are ideal for storage.

Compare and then choose a salvage yard or wrecker

It is best to always take your time and find the right wrecker for your car. Get quotes from all the wreckers near you, and start contacting them. Choose someone who seems to offer a reasonable price and is also reliable.

The aforementioned tips will tremendously help you in narrowing down your options to choose the best possible wrecker or salvage yard.

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