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Pay Attention! 5 Ways to Detect a Faulty Starter Motor in Your Porsche from Experts in Mill Valley

Faulty Starter Motor in Your Porsche

By Masters European & Japanese Auto RepairPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

There are numerous least-known parts in your Porsche that play a vital role in the smooth running of the car. The starter motor helps in the smooth starting of your vehicle under any circumstances and that is why keeping a tab on the functioning of the starter motor is very important.

The starter motor is particularly prone to several issues and you will face problems in starting your Porsche. Here are the symptoms associated with a failing starter motor in your Porsche as shared with us by the expert mechanics in Mill Valley.

 Engine Fails to Turn On

 Unusual Noise

 Emergence of Smoke

 Flickering Lights

 Crank But No Power

Engine Fails to Turn On

One of the biggest problems associated with a faulty starter motor in your Porsche is when you fail to start the engine after pressing the starting button. Most of the time it is seen that a malfunctioning starter solenoid or starter motor is behind the problem.

However, starting issues can be caused due to a host of other issues and it is quite difficult to pinpoint the exact reason behind the failure of your vehicle to start. If you have a failing battery in your car, then also you are going to face starting issues.

Whenever you are encountering starting issues in your Porsche due to a faulty starter motor, then you are going to hear a single click which means that the solenoid is operating perfectly but the internal components of the starter motor are not reciprocating to the solenoid.

Unusual Noise

When you are driving high-end cars like Porsche, seldom you are going to hear any sound coming from your car other than the roar of the engine when you press the gas pedal. However, with a bad starter motor in your vehicle, you are going to experience unusual sounds coming from under the hood of your car.

Most drivers complain about hearing a grinding noise coming from their vehicle which signifies that something is wrong with the starter motor. However, sometimes the grinding noise is also caused due to worn-out starter gears that connect your starter to the flywheel of the car.

Now, taking immediate steps to tackle the problem is a necessity because if the grinding noise goes unchecked for a long time then it can adversely affect the flywheel leading to inflated repair bills.

Emergence of Smoke

Nowadays, there are stringent norms that govern the emission of smoke from vehicles. Due to the malfunctioning of the starter motor in your car, you will get to see the emission of a large quantity of smoke from the vehicle when starting the Porsche.

The starter motor in your car is a mechanical device that requires a supply of electricity for its functioning. Most of the time the emergence of smoke signifies that the starter is overheating because of excess power being supplied to it which prevents the starter motor from shutting off even after the engine is turned on.

This situation often leads to the emergence of smoke from under the hood and you might also experience a burning smell coming from the engine bay of your car.

Flickering Lights

Another leading symptom associated with the failure of the starter motor in your Porsche is related to the functioning of the lights in your car. The lights especially the dashboard lights in your vehicle will dim out or flicker when you attempt to start your car indicating a failing starter motor that needs to be replaced quickly.

Most of the time this problem is caused due to a short circuit somewhere in the wires connecting the starter motor to the rest of the parts of your car. Under these circumstances, the starter motor draws out excess power causing the lights to go dim on your dashboard.

Crank but No Power

Often it is noticed that due to a failing starter motor in cars, the ignition cranks when you turn on the key but the engine won’t be able to start. Now, this problem can also be caused due to the gears connecting the flywheel going bad but your Porsche needs to be inspected by a qualified mechanic to detect where the fault lies.

However, even if the starter is not faulty some experts opine that you must replace the starter to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.


The above-discussed factors are some of the leading symptoms associated with a failing starter motor in your Porsche. Most of the time drivers choose to ignore the problem during its initial stage leading to serious issues in the vehicle. Whenever you experience any of these symptoms, then take your Porsche to a certified repair shop to get the starter motor replaced.


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