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Modify Your Car And Standout From The Crowd

by shravan gatty 5 days ago in how to

like a dream car..............................................

Modify Your Car And Standout From The Crowd
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firstly i will answer your question

Is it worth modifying a car?

If you want to modify your car, do it for you. If you make cost-sensible improvements that you're ok with not having any financial return on, and that enhance your experience as a driver or owner, then yes it's absolutely worth it.

Perhaps you have been searching online for a new car. Well I guess I should say the ‘newest used’ car. Thinking about this and the amount of money it shall cost is daunting particularly if you have a few more payments to make. Looking for the perfect used car can be a hard task, but have you thought of the alternative. Why not re-evaluate your wants and wishes and consider repairing and upgrading what you already have. I logged on to a number of sites and found some wonderful car ‘makeovers’. You might like to have a look at uniquecarsandparts.com.au where you can join the forum, ask questions, and perhaps learn about refurbishing your car.

Checking out what is online will make this decision easy and believe me the products, all of which are guaranteed to impress, will set you apart from the pack. OzFreeOnline.com has a comprehensive used car section, where all you do is register, log in and search. You will find thousands of cars for sale; search by category, find articles and information on Australian and European cars and you can even browse motorcycle classifieds.

Perhaps you have found yourself with a few extra dollars that you can spend on your vehicle. You can add and stamp your own personality to your basic car, by just investing in a few fresh innovative ideas. New products on the automotive accessory and customising market at present are not only functional but also can be a cosmetic improvement. You might even consideroverall vehicle design, total vehicle enhancement, or just do something simple and have grille guards installed or choose window tinting.The cost of this equipment and trappings ranges from a few dollars to a small fortune, however you can have them installed for much less than the price of a new vehicle. Going online to search for these items is most likely the best way to find exactly what you want. Your car service centre, and large automotive supplier are two good ways to find local sources as well.

By Fred Kearney on Unsplash

The vehicle enhancement options available are vast. Anything goes these days, fog lamps, colour instrument dials, silver or colour stitched leather gear knobs, sports pedals, spoilers, body kits, engine covers, interior upgrades in many styles and materials, even in wood grain and of course, don’t forget the special wheel and tyre packages. Most good shops have a selection of quality tyre brands from which to choose, and can be complimented with any number of attention-grabbing styles of genuine alloy wheels. Think about what your car would look like with a new set of wheels and tyres, and if you are feeling the need to check up on prices and style, log on to autoweb.com.au and search through the archives, read the articles, and browse through some of the new car reviews.You may opt for part to full restoration or just standard to custom repairs and resprays to all stages. Full or part custom or standard panel and paint service. Maybe you would like clear tail-lights or euro style headlights in chrome or black. You could invest in a Body kit, air bag and lowered springs suspension. But, whatever you do make sure you buy exactly what you want and not what the sales person wants to sell to you. Search through the pages at OzFreeOnline.com before you do anything and go straight to the Cars Forum. You will find that customising your car is a real option and there are many who have registered; logged in and found out all the information they need right at their fingertips.

By Alan Flack on Unsplash

Here is a list of ideas that might spur you on:

  • Air dams and spoilers
  • A nti-theft devices
  • Bug deflectors
  • Carrier racks
  • Custom seats
  • Instrumentation
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Personal breath alcohol testers
  • RV and towing accessories
  • Special shock absorbers
  • Stereo systems
  • Striping and/or decals
  • Sunroofs
  • Vehicle navigation systems

So if you are considering trading-in your present car, do your sums first. You might find you would be just as pleased, and a lot richer, with a few particular improvements and spruce up your present car to make it part of your personality and stand out from the crowd. Have a good time customising your ‘new’ car.

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shravan gatty
shravan gatty
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